Fruit Nails: Then and Now

Ah, summertime nail art. 
This was one of the more advanced designs I did when I first started to
get into nail art, even before I knew what a nail art pen was.  Yes, the first time I ever did this was with
regular nail polish.  Hence why it’s a
little, ok maybe a lot messed up.  I also
(not sure if you noticed last week) decided to cut my nails.  Lately I’ve been doing a lot of things with
my hands and my nails were starting to break. 
Not a “oh I’ll just file it” type of break, it’s a “holy moly this is
going to hurt and it’s gushing blood” type of break.  So, instead of hurting my fingers I decided
to cut my nails.  Then I decided it’s
really working to my advantage because so many people comment on my nails and
say how they could never do these designs because their nails are shorter than
mine.  Here is a perfect example that
even with short nails you can do nail art. 
All I used were some regular base colors and some nail art pens.  Below is the picture tutorial and the picture
of my first attempt at this about 2 years ago. 
You can say that I’ve come a long way haha!


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