Helena // Orphan Black


Tank Top:  Ralph Lauren // Pants:  Marshalls // Boots:  Nine West (old)

Helena is my FAVORITE clone. 
She is definitely the psycho of the group who just like a bad guy, NEVER
DIES!  Helena was kind of similar to
Sarah, one of the lost clones.  She was
put in a Ukranian convent where she grew up with the sisters/nuns saying all of
these things about her being a bad child and what not.  Well in the show she is actually against all
of the clones (in the beginning of course). 
She was brainwashed to think that she was the original and that she must
kill off all of the imposters.  She’s
known for her “angel wings” that are shown in one of the earlier episodes.  This is a graphic image for some people so
don’t say I didn’t warn you.
In later episodes you see her almost transform out of this
evil killing machine to a real person. 
She’s very strange and awkward but some of the things she does are
pretty funny.  I think she’s my favorite
because she transforms herself from a killer to a human being.  She still has her psycho tendencies but you
get to see the real Helena.  In my
opinion the picked THE BEST music for Helena. 
Every time you hear the song, you KNOW it’s Helena.  She might look scary, but she truly does have
a heart you just need to really get it out of her.

Oh, and, she’s always eating.  That’s also why I probably like her so
much.  Hence the piece of bread in the
below collage.

Also, if you didn’t see yesterday’s post I was Sarah!


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