How to travel with style and comfort. And a link up!


Cardigan:  Mom’s Closet // Tank Top:  Old Navy old (the sequins were sewed on by my mom a long time ago) // Necklace:  Old // Pants:  Macy’s // Sandals:  Sam Edelman (Marshalls) // Bangles:  Lilly In Pink

It is summer time, time for many vacations!  For today’s outfit I wanted to show a
comfortable yet stylish outfit for traveling. 
Especially if you’re traveling on a plane or for many hours.  No matter how much of a trooper you are,
being fashionably comfy is the way to go. 
I highly recommend wearing anything black because if you spill (juice
for example, not like I’ve done that or anything…) anything colorful you can’t
see it on black like you can on lighter colored clothing.  I love the top of this because it has a
little fringe action going on!  Also,
make sure if you’re traveling in the summer to bring something to keep you
warm.  If you’ve never traveled on a
plane before you’d be surprised at how cold it gets.  It was the dead middle of summer when I went
to Poland last year and on top of wearing jeans and a short sleeve sweater I
ended up putting on my hoodie AND using the blanket that the plane gives
you.  It was FREEZING to say the least.
Now, if you’re going to travel for more than a few hours you
will want to pay attention to your hair. 
My hair does not get greasy as quickly as it used to so I will be ok
going 3 days without washing it with no grease, but if I still had my healthy
hair that would be a different story. 
Last year my bangs were quite gross as I was in the bathroom putting in
my extensions so I could look nice for my family (I had an 7 hour layover).  This hairstyle would be perfect because it
keeps hair out of your face and eyes so if you are running or if you have kids
you need as much sight and comfort as possible. 
Sure you can put your hair up in a ponytail or a messy bun but braids
are just as fun and easy once you get the hang of it.  Plus, it’s something different.
I tested out making a heart with my braids and failed
miserably so laugh it up I’m TOTALLY allowing it haha.  At least I tried though!  Needless to say when I go to Poland next month I might actually wear this exact outfit. 
It was so comfy to wear and it looks super cute and casual!
“Not all who wander are lost” WANDERLUST!

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