Let’s talk about Birkenstocks


If you couldn’t tell I wasn’t really prepared for this picture, I was trying to tell mommy to watch out because a car was backing out haha.

Here’s a nice little blooper.  The wind is crazy at Ikea, probably because it’s located right next to an airport.

Tank:  Ralph Lauren // Pants:  DKNY (really old) // Sandals:  Birkenstock (old)
The Birkenstock trend has blown up over the past year or
so.  I’m personally extremely happy about
this because I have been wearing them since I was a little girl and we got my
first pair when we were in Florida.  I
believe I was 4.  So needless to say I’ve
been wearing them for over 20 years.  I’ve
been made fun of for wearing them but back when I worked in retail they were
actually very helpful.  Birkenstocks are
actually designed to help with any pains that you might be having.  I wore them because I have knee problems that
were causing back problems and I’m flat footed. 
So when I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks with my own money a
couple of years ago I got made fun of so bad. 
I didn’t care because they were saving my knees and back.  Then all of the sudden last year I see all of
the bigger bloggers wearing them all the time. 
It was crazy!  I was super excited
that this was a trend, because now I wouldn’t be that weirdo wearing Birkenstocks
by myself.  Not that I cared, but I did
get made fun of a lot.
I also like wearing them because it reminds me of
Poland.  Since Birkenstocks are European
it’s more normal to wear them over there rather than here in the states.  My mom also has a few pairs along with my
dad.  I think my dad still has his
original pair that he got even before I was born.  The one thing that I do love is that now that
they are trending, Birkenstock has come out with so many more options to chose
from with colors and patterns, which I have shown below.  Before it
was pretty generic but now they have metallics, and all of these other
colors.  I personally want the patent
leather black ones and maybe a pair of pink ones.  I truly love Birkenstock and I do highly
recommend them.  NO I did not get paid to
say that this is not a review post, it’s just my own opinion from
Oh, and as you can see I went to Ikea this day.  We really wanted Swedish meatballs and I got
some more furniture for my room yay!

Also, today is the little doggy’s birthday!  Happy 10th birthday Kuba!

Birkenstock Craze

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  1. I owned one pair of Birkenstocks in high school when they made a trending debut as well. I see them everywhere on social media now and may have to give them a try once more. I love the colors in these photos 🙂 Thanks for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me."

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