Makeup Movement


Why is half of my face naked and the other half covered in
makeup you ask?  Well, I read this article the other day about a little mini movement that is going on.  A few months ago I read an article on
Buzzfeed talking about why you should date the girl who DOESN’T wear makeup and
they pretty much attacked girls who do wear makeup saying how we are high
maintenance and all of that other garbage. 
This actually made me slightly angry. 
I wear makeup every day, and I don’t spend a lot of time on it unless I’m
outfit shooting or going to an event.  I
would never look down on someone or say anything is bad about a woman who doesn’t
wear makeup.  That’s entirely her
choice.  Some girls actually look better
without makeup than they do with it. 
Makeup isn’t supposed to be caked on, it’s supposed to enhance your
natural beauty.  Of course some vloggers
out there go all out with their makeup, and that’s fine, they look
flawless!  In my own personal life I just
don’t have the time to spend that much time on my makeup every day.  I would never call them high maintenance,
because last time I checked they either make money off of it or that’s their
career.  So, a lot of
bloggers/vloggers/social media users took to post a selfie with half of their
face with makeup on and the other half with no makeup on.  THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH WEARING MAKEUP

I think the misconception is a lot of people don’t realize,
some girls aren’t putting on that makeup or dressing up nice for anyone but
THEMSELVES!  Yes, I’m using a lot of caps
because I feel like it gets my point across better haha.  Anyway, I don’t do my hair and makeup every
day for anyone but myself.  I don’t feel
as though I need to prove anything to anyone, but I just like wearing
makeup.  I like transforming and trying
new ways to apply my smokey eye or putting on my infamous cat eye that everyone
always compliments.  Have I stepped out
of my house without makeup?  Oh
absolutely!  Do I do it often?  Nope! 
I don’t understand why everyone is so quick to judge out there nowadays.  There are reasons why you should date a girl
who DOES wear makeup but I’m not going to list them and attack the women who go
bare.  Just because I get up 15-20
minutes earlier just to do my makeup does not make me high maintenance.  Nor does it make me fake.  This also does not mean that when my
boyfriend sees me without makeup it’s such a surprise.  Yes, I look different, but everyone looks
different even if you put your hair up instead of wearing it down.
Here’s to the girls who do wear makeup.  Don’t ever feel bad for wearing it.  Don’t ever feel like you’re fake because of
it.  Just because you chose to take extra
time focusing on your look does not make you narcissist.  If you feel more confident when you wear
makeup by all means wear it!

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