Rachel // Orphan Black (and a Link Up)


Skirt:  Ralph Lauren (old) // Top:  Ralph Lauren (old) // Shoes:  Gucci

“You’re not going to shoot me Sarah.”
The most evil clone of them all.  Rachel Duncan.  Her parents were the ones that created the
clones.  She is the most powerful because
she’s the one that runs the organization with the science behind all of this,
on top of also having connections with other agencies.  She almost has free range to do anything
because she’s the ring leader.  She
steals Sarah’s daughter, so Sarah gets her back by stabbing her in the eye with
a pencil.  Hence why if you ever see the
Funko Pop toys there’s two different Rachel ones.  The normal Rachel and the one with the pencil
in her eye.

Rachel’s outfits are really easy for me to recreate since I
wear office/business wear on the daily with my job.  Even though she wears this kind of style, she
puts her own twist on it.  Sometimes
there are different cuts and I feel like her character alone just fits this
style perfectly.

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Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone who linked up last week!  It was the best turn out I’ve had with my Wednesday link ups.  Unfortunately I’ll be out for two weeks, so after next week there won’t be a link up until I get back, but I just wanted to say thank you!!!



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