Sarah Manning // Orphan Black


Top:  Lord and Taylor (old) // Pants:  Burberry // Boots:  Nine West (old) // Bracelet:  Born Pretty Store

“You’re damn right.”
The infamous Sarah quote when she’s watching videos of Beth
and trying to impersonate her (read on for more details).
Welcome to my Orphan Black theme this week!  Today I have a special presentation of Sarah
Manning.  Her and Beth pretty much
started it all.  If you’ve never seen
Orphan Black you really must watch it. 
There is a character for EVERYONE! 
There are so many different types of clones but I decided to highlight a
select few who pretty much run the show.  
Today’s clone is Sarah.  She’s the
punk rocker drug dealer who lost her way and is now trying to get her daughter
back.  She runs into the opportunity when
Beth walks right in front of a train. 
Sarah’s original plan was to just impersonate her and clean out her
accounts since they were (what she thought) twins.  Then she starts to do a little more
investigating and she finds out that she has taken over the identity of one of
her many clones.  Eventually she meets
some more of her clone club and the story goes on.

I’m not spoiling it and giving out all the best parts!  I will however recommend to start from the
very beginning.  It’ll be really
confusing if you start halfway.  So since
I am impersonating all of the different clones with my own little spin on their
fashion and style I also put together some collages below to give you an even
better idea of the character and their wardrobe.

Sarah Manning: Orphan Black

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