Shirt:  Hot Topic // Harem Pants:  Old INC // Shoes:  Converse Old

I know that lately (last week was an exception) I haven’t
been showing my usual looks because I’ve been wanting to show all of you
different outfits to wear while traveling. 
Of course some women will not be caught dead in a pair of flats and wear
heels at all times (I seriously give you major props because your feet are
warriors) but for those of us who are traveling internationally, it can really
be exhausting.  For today’s post I wanted
to show another traveling outfit.  This
one is more comfort than fashion to be honest. 
The pants I’ve had ever since the harem pant trend came back.  These are a slight harem so it doesn’t look
like I had an accident in my pants (hahaha) and it looks more like a Capri jogger
than anything else.  I also had to show
my Sestra shirt that I got.  If you saw
all of last week’s Orphan Black posts you probably know that I’m slightly
obsessed.  So, I decided to get the shirt
I’m wearing today.  For those of you who
have never seen Orphan Black there is a character called Helena.  She’s supposed to be one of the clones that
is from Ukraine.  Well, she calls all of
the clones her sestra’s which is sister. 
Her pronunciation is pretty decent. 
I’m Polish so the accent sounds somewhat similar.  Of course the angel wings on the back are
part of Helena too.  This was actually a
kind of graphic image for those who are sensitive to the self mutilation topic,
but she actually cuts her back into the shape of these angel wings. 
I also wore these converse that I’ve had for a few
years.  I believe I bought them from
Famous Footwear or Marshalls, I can’t really remember.  They slide on and off really easily so they
would be perfect for the security checkpoint. 
For the first time in a while I’ve worn my hair without extensions
because to be honest, when I travel I don’t put my extensions in, until the
second flight to my destination.  The
first flight is usually the longest (when I travel to Poland) it takes about 6
or 7 hours depending on the plane and then I have a layover and another 1.5-2
hours of flying until I finally get to Poland! 
The time difference is 6 hours so going there isn’t too bad, but coming
back I have the worst jet lag.  

I know it’s not exactly the most fashionable outfit, but it
is pretty comfortable without wearing your typical yoga pants and a sweatshirt.  Of course there’s nothing wrong with yoga
pants or a sweatshirt either because that is definitely the most comfortable!

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  1. I love that shirt! By the way, your posts about Orphan Black finally got me to watch it. I didn't watch the previous seasons because it costs money on demand and Netflix doesn't have it online but I'm almost finished the current season. I do not know why I never watched this show before- I love it!

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