Summer Hats


Top:  Ralph Lauren (similar) // Pants:  Ralph Lauren // Booties:  Enzo // Green Hat: Scala Collezione // Straw Hat:  Ikea
Last week I went to the city for some personal matters and I
decided to wear a hat.  I wasn’t sure
which one I liked better but it seems that both of these hats went with the
outfit.  Do you see that bridge in the
distance?  That is the George Washington
bridge.  Funny story about that actually.  So I was talking to boyfriend and said how I
wanted the bridge behind me.  Well I wasn’t
thinking and said get the George W Bush bridge! 
I meant George Washington I’ve driven on that bridge enough times to
know that it is the George W meaning Washington.  We both cracked up because right after I said
it I realized the mistake that I made haha! 
I thought that might be a good laugh for some of you.  At least I thought it was funny, but in order
to be a comedian you aren’t supposed to laugh at your own jokes (I heard that
somewhere) so I guess that’s why I never became a comedian.
Ok, well anyway.  Back
to the hats.  The first hat (all green)
is Scala Collezione and I received that from a review which I will add the details on this
below.  The second hat (straw hat) was
actually bought from Ikea for $2.99!  How
insane is that?!  I was waiting in line
and saw it just sitting there, then saw the price (Ikea is known for their
awesome prices as I’m sure most of you know) and I said, it is an impulse buy
that I won’t feel guilty about because of the price.  So let’s move on to some details about this
Scala Collezione(first all green hat) hat!
“There is a color for everyone and many women choose to collect this style and have a hat wardrobe for their outdoor needs. The styling is versatile and it can be worn for casual wear, outdoor summer parties, recreation and more. Another key feature is its packability—it can be flattened, crushed and  tossed in a tote or suitcase and will rebound to its original shape. The added benefit of its UPF 50+ rating is a huge health and beauty anti-aging bonus. Like all hats within the Dorfman Pacific brand portfolio, it provides a great look, unparalleled quality and many price point option within the brands so that every hat wear can enjoy a fabulous hat.

This hat typically retails for under $35 and is available at many retail stores, catalogs and on-line (here). Colors that have been particularly strong include: black, white, natural, taupe, olive, periwinkle, rose, coral, lime, aqua, banana.”
**Please note I was given the first hat for review, however all opinions are my own.

13 thoughts on “Summer Hats”

  1. Such a pretty summer look! I love both hats, and I can't decide either which one looks better. That's a great price you got for that hat. You can find some great deals on summer hats right now as the stores are desperate to get rid of them. My daughter picked up a large, black and white floppy sun hat for me for only $4.99!

  2. love those long shorts. so, your george washington bridge story makes me think of college…i worked at sesame place-don't know if you've heard of it-and they would of course play sesame street music, and one of them is ernie singing about the george washington washington bridge. lol. that was so random of me, i know….:)

  3. Both hats look cute, lovely bridge and nature background. Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me."
    Rachel xo

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