Traveling Essentials

Traveling Essentials

Uniqlo drapey tee / Black jogger pants / Monsoon pink robe / H&M sandals,  / Diane Von Furstenberg genuine leather tote / Medium distinguishing rose suitcase,  / Diane von Furstenberg Saluti 24″ Spinner Suitcase / Royce Leather Foil-Stamped Passport Jacket (Blue) / Brown satchel,  / Flower jewelry / Emi jay hair tie / Tech accessory / Emma Lomax beauty product,  / Lip balm kit / Door decal / Canon EOS 6D DSLR Camera with 24-105mm f/4L Lens / Online Shopping – Bedding, Furniture, Electronics,… / U by Kotex Click* Regular Compact Tampons count / boston neck pillow

In yesterday’s post I touched base with a few do’s and don’ts
of traveling attire.  For today’s post I
added all of my traveling essentials into one post.  Of course I added the clothing, but I also
added some things that I either put in my carry on or purse.  If you are traveling for a long time, like I
will be , you should probably know a few things that you should bring.
Neck Pillow
That neck pillow will make all the difference.  I didn’t use one ever and my parents actually
bought one last year.  I didn’t get a
chance to borrow it but they said that it is the best invention ever.  It’s very easy for me to fall asleep on a
plane, but it’s hard for me to stay asleep. 
Hair Ties
Hair ties are a must in my book, you can see in my outfit
posts that I almost always have one on my wrist, I actually forget that it’s
Baby wipes
Believe it or not these come in really handy.  Whether you spill something on you, or if you
eat something sticky and can’t get to a bathroom fast enough.  Even if you just want to use it to refresh
your skin.  Last year I traveled for
about 6 hours to Denmark, had a 7-8 hour layover, then another hour and 45
minutes to my final destination; Gdansk, Poland.  Needless to say, I needed a little
refresher.  Once I was about halfway into
my layover I started to walk around and look for a bathroom.  As soon as I got in there I took out my
wipes, cleaned my face and actually wiped down my arms and legs.  Then I proceeded to put on my makeup and hair
extensions.  Trust me, these wipes really
do come in handy.
I almost always have these with me even when it’s not that
time of the month.  You never know when
your body will decide to switch it up a bit. 
Sometimes it can be stress related so you can have an accident while
traveling.  Last year I stocked up just
in case!
Passport holder
I still have yet to get one of these but I really want
Mini emergency kit
Trust me, this will work wonders.  This little kit has a lot of things packed
into one little pouch.
Clear Plastic Pouch
With TSA you have to make sure certain medications, liquids,
or makeup are in clear bags.  So, what
better way that to just have a clear plastic pouch?
You never know when a headache might hit.  At least for me, that’s the case.  I get those a lot and sometimes they are
stress related, so even though flying doesn’t bother me or stress me out it
stresses out my body. 
Just so that you have something to do in between layovers.

I don’t trust leaving my camera or any electronics for that
matter in my checked in bag.  The way
that they throw those things, and how often they get lost I’m not about to lose
the electronics that keep this blog going!


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  1. It is a great post! I thought I am the only one taking the mini emergency kit when I traveling! Lol! Advil is a must have for me as well! We pretty much have the same idea on this topic! 😉

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