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A #nofilter shot taken with my cell phone in Gdynia, Poland “Gdynia, Moje Miasto”
I’m Back
Well, I am back from my two week long vacation in the
motherland.  It’s crazy to think how fast
the time flew by when I was there.  It
feels like just yesterday I was writing down my first countdown (80 something
days) in my calendar.  Next year I will
be going back again and bringing the boyfriend along with.
My snuggle buddy for the past two weeks
Some posts from Poland next week
For the next two weeks I have some posts (mostly outfits)
coming to you from my time in Poland.  I’ll
be talking about my outfits, my family, being a dog whisperer (jk), and Pole
Dancing as a competitive sport.  I know
this may offend some of my readers but over there Pole Dancing is turning into
a sport, not just something that goes on at a Gentleman’s Club.  So stay tuned!
So many reviews
Y’all don’t even understand how many reviews I have for
you!  I have some outfit, fitness, and
beauty reviews coming your way.  I just
have to sit down and organize myself so bare with me.

Country concert next week
I’m going to a country concert next week.  It’s my first official country concert, and
by official I mean by well known names performing, because when I lived in
Texas I saw the local bands playing.  I’ll
be seeing Rascal Flatts and Scott McCreery. 
So, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m extremely excited!

I feel like I’ve been talking about my room remodel and
actually doing it for years.  I know I
first started talking about my plans to do it last year and then before Poland
I actually started doing it.  My parents
helped tremendously while I was on vacation so now it’s just the minor touchups
that need to happen and the furniture that needs to come in and I will be able
to start the finishing touches before I can decorate.  I can’t believe it’s already happening.  I’m so excited as little things come together
here and there.  I remember crying
because there was so much sanding that needed to be done and now the walls,
trims, and ceiling (with the exception of a few touch up spots) are painted
along with the moldings that are waiting patiently to become part of my
room.  I took some before pictures and
will definitely be taking after pictures. 
I have plans to do an accent wall, but unfortunately I won’t be doing
that until everything is finished, because that is something I want, not
something I need at the moment.
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