5 Tips to Stay Cool and Fashionable : Guest Post Fashionista Momma

5 Tips to Stay Cool and Fashionable
  Hi Lovelies.  I am so excited to be guest blogging over here at Jersey Girl Texan Heart while she is away on vacation.  The hottest months are upon us here in the city and all I can think about is fall and cooler temperatures.  I love sharing style tips over on my blog The Fashionista Momma  so why not share some with all of you? As a stylist, my goal is to help women feel comfortable and confident when they go out.  Here are my top tips for clients to stay cool and fashionable in the summer.
1.     Choose Breathable Fabrics – Linens, Cotton, and most light natural fabrics will breath easy and help keep you cool.  I like to find a linen cotton blend.  This helps to prevent wrinkles.  Check your tags when you are buying your summer clothes.  Rayon is another great, natural fabric that is light and comfortable.
2.     Hats – I prefer straw woven hats for the warmer months.  Obviously, a hat will block the sun and protect your skin, but a woven hat will still allow your head to release heat.  In turn, keeping you cool.
3.     Updo’s – Braid tutorials are everywhere.  Like Monica has mentioned in a previous post, Barefoot Blonde is an amazing inspiration for braid hairstyles.  Or, you can check out Monica’s hair right here.  She does amazing braids as, I’m sure you all know.  You can go with the classic high pony, or a chignon. 
4.     Layers – We all now how it goes.  It’s burning hot outside and freezing cold inside.  Throw a cardigan in your bag for when you head indoors.  This is great for the office.  You can get to work in a tank top and throw a cardigan on when you go into work.  
5.     Stock your purse – My go to items are: deodorant wipes, moisturizer with SPF, water and travel perfume.   You will stay hydrated, sunburn free, sans sweat spots and smelling pretty.
Thank you for letting me jump in and share my love for style and fashion.  If you want more fashion, beauty and health tips head over and check out The Fashionista Momma