5 Top Benefits of Using Natural Beauty Products: Guest Post Glory Boon


5 top
benefits of using natural beauty products
everyone! I’m so exited to be a guest blogger on Jersey Girl Texan Heart! Today
I want to share some amazing benefits of natural and organic beauty products
you may not know about! If you’re looking to switch your regular makeup to more
natural products, here are some good reasons to get you started.
1) Earth
Products made with chemicals and synthetics can have a negative
impact on the environment. Those chemicals can get into our water and air,
opting for a more natural beauty routine can help put fewer chemicals into out
eco system.
2) Gentle
and non-irritating:
Chemicals and fillers in our beauty products can
irritate our skin and even cause breakouts! Natural skin care works to nourish
your skin intend of working against it.
3) Fits
your budget:
Natural beauty products are surprisingly inexpensive compared
to larger beauty companies.
4) Cruelty
The majority of natural beauty brands are cruelty free so you don’t
have to feel guilty about hurting little bunnies in the process.
5) Better
for your health:
Organic beauty products are better for your skin
because what you put on your skin eventually ends up in your body. Your body
will understand ingredients from the earth such as cocoa butter, almond oil,
calendula and so on. However, once you use something synthetic, chemicals on
your body, that is when the sensitivities and irritations begin.

Switching to
natural cosmetics can help you to avoid feeding your skin harmful chemicals.
Many skin problems, such as acne, irritations and allergies may disappear once
petroleum or synthetic ingredients are removed. Incorporating natural products
into your daily skincare routine can contribute to healthy skin and a healthy
body in the long term.

Hey Everyone!  This is Monica reporting to you!  Thanks for reading today’s Guest Post by Alex from Glory Boon.  I’m currently out of the country and will return with your normal programming (always wanted to say that) August 17th.  Thank you Alex for guest posting!