A little Checkered in Poland and a Link Up!


Top:  Ralph Lauren // Birkenstocks:  Zappos // Bangles:  Lilly In Pink // Skirt:  Ralph Lauren // Necklace:  Born Pretty
so ignore the last picure, I do have two legs but for some reason I guess the
way I stood my leg disappeared into my skirt. 
Y’all have seen this skirt on here quite a few times here, here, and here.  Let’s just say I’m a huge fan of it.  It’s gingham, it’s a skirt, AND it’s a
maxi.  What I love most about it are the
ruffles on the side.  It adds a little
glam to the whole look.  You can easily
dress this skirt up or down and in this post I did a little bit of both.  I kept it glam with the necklace but kept it
casual with the birks.  I literally lived
in these during my stay in the motherland. 
This look was also on repeat when I was over in Poland.
Within the past year I’ve seen Birkenstock become more and
more popular which is funny because I’ve been wearing them (and getting made
fun of for wearing them) ever since I was little.  I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers do what I
do, wear the birks with a super cute and dressed up outfit.  It just gives the look a little mystery and a
little bit of a weird touch.  I know most
bloggers have the metallic birks but I knew I would love the black patent the
most.  However if they have any hot pink
patent ones for a super awesome price I might just have to tap into my bank
account for another pair.
You see the necklace in the first picture?  That one is from Born Pretty Store.  I’ve done quite a number of reviews for them
and I’ve also bought my own things here and there.  I love buying from them and reviewing their
items.  One thing I will say is if you
are looking for something to arrive ASAP I would recommend looking into the
expedited shipping because it usually takes about 2-3 weeks for regular shipping.  Everything is extremely inexpensive and when
they have sales they are a real steal.


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