An Elephant Never Forgets

You may have seen another elephant nail art tutorial (here) a few months ago.  That one was an ombre and just the silhouette of an elephant.  This time around I decided to do something like a tie dye/marble effect.  It’s extremely easy to do.  Below is the lovely tutorial and I’ll explain everything below the pictures.

This is the easy part.  You just put on your base coat or what I use is Sally Hansen Maximum Strength polish.  Then I used White Out by Sally Hansen.

These elephants are actually decals.  I unfortunately have not been able to master the skill of drawing an elephant so I’ve turned to decals, but one day I will!

Before I show you the tutorial I wanted to show a close up of the finished product.

I took four different colors, a hot pink, lavender, mermaid blue/green, and blue.  

Take your handie dandie needle or pin and then just draw lines on your nails.  This takes the colors and moves them around.

Then add your top coat and you are good to go!

These are the nails I did for my trip back to Poland because every year I have this tradition of wearing something that has elephants on it, so this year since my nail art skills have gotten better I decided to put them on my nails.  I also had enough time to do my toes so below is the design I did for them.  I’m also just really excited about my new Birks so I had to get a picture!


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