Did you miss any posts while I was on vacation?

Did you miss any posts from the two weeks that I was
gone?  I had some awesome posts that were
lined up from guest posts from some lovely blogger friends of mine and some of
my own scheduled posts including some of my favorite things so far this year!
I also made a new button, I’m not sure if y’all
noticed.  It’s for Ewa Bazaar which is a
store that I’ve been collaborating with for quite some time.  They are an auction and discount retailer so
just click the below button and you’ll be redirected to their site!
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Now, I wanted to do a quick recap of some posts from the
past two weeks just because I’m super busy getting some posts together from
Poland.  Be prepared there’s going to be
some posts that will be picture overload!
Last week I shared a few of my favorite things and how to
make the most of your closet.  Let’s
start off with my favorite post; getting the most out of your closet.
You can find that post here, but pretty much it talks about
all of the different ways to take some pieces and wear them multiple ways.  I would prefer to buy pieces that I can wear
more than once, rather than something trendy. 
I find it fun looking for new ways to wear a top or a pair of pants, or
even a pair of shoes.  Here in the
fashion blogging world I almost never see some of the top fashion bloggers
repeating pieces which if they really don’t, I envy your closet you must have a
lot!  However, for people like me it’s
impractical to buy clothes and only wear them once.  I don’t have the finances to support that,
nor would I like to do that, especially if I found a piece that I loved.
Then I decided to list some of my favorite nail art and some
of my favorite baked goods.  Don’t forget
to click on those links to check them out!
I also showed you how to wear a maxi dress in the fall,
especially since the color in this post was pretty spectacular.  Or if you were looking for more of a datenight outfit you can take a look at this post here.

The week prior I had a few of my blogger friends take over
my blog.  Below are their names and blog
names for you to check them out! 
She wrote about the 5 benefits of using natural beauty products.  I highly recommend reading that post because she actually has her own natural cosmetics line.
She wrote a little introduction about herself and her blog.  I met her in November of 2013 and I love seeing her at every blogger meetup that I host.
Megan is a fairly new blogger friend but I love her style and blog.  She wrote about some ways to stay cool and fashionable, and with the weather we’ve been having I highly recommend reading that post!
I’ve known Christie for a very long time as well.  She’s a fellow NJ blogger and she has such great ideas and a great sense of style.  She wrote about different ways to wear one romper.
Last, but not least Diane gave us some tips about how to utilize Pinterest for your blog.  She gave some amazing tips that I am so thankful for.