Mani Monday with my nails from Poland


So of course while I was in Poland I had to do my
nails.  I can’t help but always play
around.  I had to improvise because I
could not find tape anywhere.  I went to
so many stores and couldn’t find any. 
Hence why my pointer finger isn’t exactly the cutest. 
I only used two colors for this whole mani and since I had
no tools I had to figure out other clever ways to do things.  For all of the polka dots I used the end of a
bobby pin.  You know the end that almost
looks like a bubble?  That was my dotting
That bottle I’m holding is a bottle of Baltic Sea
amber.  I decided to take a picture with
that just because I’m super corny and I was in Poland lol.
Two side notes today:
  1. Today is my dad’s birthday! 
    Happy birthday to ya ole chap. 
    You’re a few more years closer to being a super old fart.
  2. Today I’m guest posting on Fashionista Momma!