Nail Art

Nail Art

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For today’s post I wanted to show a few ways to create the nails that I do.  I numbered each different “topic” so just read below.

1.  Ombre

This is a lot easier than it looks.  If you want a step by step tutorial just click here.  You take a makeup sponge and add the colors you like and you just smudge (for lack of a better word) it on.  You have to make sure you have a white base coat on first, but you smudge it on about two to three times.

2.  Dots

You can either use a dotting tool like me or if you’re not that serious about nail art and are just testing the waters, take a bobby pin and use this as your dotting tool.  Some might actually find that it’s easier than a dotting tool.  Either one works for me.

3.  Chevron

This is easy, you just take tape and some crafting scissors.  Then you tape it onto your nails after they’ve dried and voila, you have the perfect chevron pattern.

4.  Nail Art Tools and Nail Art Pens

These I can’t really teach how to use.  This is all dependent on a steady hand.  This is what I do in most of my nail art tutorials.  It’s something that you have to get used to because just take a look at some of my older posts about nail art and you’ll see what I’m talking about haha!

5.  Striping Tape

This one is easy.  You just put the tape on in whatever pattern you’d like and just paint.  There are so many tutorials online, my blog included.  If any of you want me to show tutorials for any nail art posts just let me know and I will do it!