Perfect Date Night Outfit

Date Night

Yves Saint Laurent black top,  / Diane Von Furstenberg white high waisted pants / Valentino patent leather shoes / Nila Anthony gold handbag / Chanel gold charm bracelet / Alexis bittar necklace / Kate Spade engraved jewelry / B. Brilliant gold stud earrings / Stila mascara / Smashbox lips makeup / Kohl eyeliner

I hope to one day be able to own all of these pieces,
however at the moment I’m saving up for other things.  All of these pieces are so great, I’m sure
you can find the “save” version rather than the “splurge” version, although I
really could use a pair of rock studs in my closet, my other shoes are
Anyway as you know I’m currently on vacation so I’ve had a
few guest posts and a few posts of my own over the past 2 weeks.  I actually come back tomorrow!  For today’s post I wanted to show you my
perfect date night outfit.  With the
summer months, it’s hard to focus on date nights because of all of the BBQ’s
and all of the other things going on. 
This would be my ideal look.  I’m
a sucker for animal print, it’s the new nude right?  At least that’s what someone said to me.  You won’t see me wearing an intense amount of
leopard print because I feel as though it needs to be done right so that you
don’t look like you’re straight out of an 80’s music video.  Also, yes I fit into the stereotype of a
Jersey girl right now, I’m very well aware but trust me there are some Jersey
girls who HATE animal print.  This top is
the perfect amount of leopard print that you can still wear other statement
pieces without looking like you’re trying too hard.
These rock studs are gorgeous.  I don’t know why but I’ve been really into
yellow lately.  Maybe it’s the minion
craze?  I do love my minions!
The clutch sparked my interest because it looks like a
planet and when it comes to astronomy I’m a huge nerd.  Speaking of astrology if you’re a nerd like
me I can’t say this enough. Interstellar and The Theory of Everything were in
my top 5 movies that I’ve seen in the past year.  Really awesome movies and I highly suggest
you watch them!
I decided to go with a white flare pant, and there’s a
reason for this.  More breathing
room!  I feel like since I’m bottom heavy
skinny jeans just cut off the circulation to my legs, and when I go out and
eat, it’s bad enough that my stomach is protruding and my pants are cutting off
the circulation but I’d like to at least have one part of my lower half
functioning haha!  That’s another reason
why I like the top, it looks like it’s a lose fit so you can easily unbutton
your pants and no one will know.  When I go
out, especially on a date night, I definitely DO NOT hold back on my food
And lastly the accessories. 
I went with subtle accessories this time around because I feel like the
clutch and shoes already speak for the entire outfit.  However, hot pink lipstick I feel would be
fun.  I’m not sure how it would look like
on with the yellow rockstuds but I used to wear hot pink lipstick all the
time.  If it doesn’t work, I’d just stick
to red.  Also, I’m a huge believer in a
cat eye hence the liquid liner and when I go to an event or take blogging
pictures that’s the only time I use mascara. 
I’m trying to preserve my eyelashes! 

Since it’s Friday are any of you going on a date night
rather it be with your significant other, or even a girls night?  If you are, ENJOY!