Pink Hair with a Green Top


Top:  Ralph Lauren // Pants:  INC // Flats:  Burberry
This green top has DEFINITELY been on repeat on this
blog.  I would link it back to every post
but there have seriously been a lot.  It’s
just such a great green.  It’s a great
fit too, whether you are thin or a little bit fluffier, or you recently put on
some pounds and want to hide it (aka me). 
For this particular outfit I knew that I was going out with my aunt and
cousin that night and when I was in Poland every time I went out there was
always food involved so I knew I had to dress for a bloating stomach occasion
Let me tell you, this outfit was perfect for that after meal
bloat, that I KNOW I’m not the only one who experiences.
The pants are super comfortable and can be dressed down or
up.  I’ve done both and actually my mom
and I share these, she knows how to truly dress them up. 
I also decided to upload a picture of my cousin and I.  Can you see any resemblance lol?  She’s my first cousin on my mom’s side.  I have a lot of second cousins because my dad
is an only child so most of my family comes from my mama.

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