Super Casual


Tank:  Ralph Lauren // Shorts:  Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply // Sneakers:  Converse // Bathing Suit:  Victoria’s Secret

Top:  Ralph Lauren // Jeans:  DKNY (old) // Birkenstocks:  Zappos // Bangles:  Lilly In Pink // Headband:  Target

Here are two of my really casual outfits from Poland.  I wore the simple jeans, tank, and
flats.  The real fun was my hair.  For the first look I decided to go with a ponytail
with a few braids that would hide my extensions.  Since my hair is short and too short to put
all in a ponytail by itself I hope that they anyone looking at my hair thinks
that I probably had it shaved in the back at one point.  The second look with my hair was actually
posted on instagram because I couldn’t wait to show y’all.  It is by far the biggest single fishtail
braid I’ve done.  I loved this headband
that was actually meant to hide my pink hair at work for one day (hahahahaha!)
but ended up just getting tossed in my luggage for Poland.  I thought I could either put my hair up with
it or put it in a braid.  I feel like
fishtails look so much prettier than a regular 3 strand braid.  That’s just my personal preference
The first few pictures are from the beach in Sopot, Poland
which is part of troj miasto (tri-city) and it was the day I went to a Pole
Dancing competition.  Over there it is
becoming quite the competitive sport.  My
cousin actually opened her own studio in Gdynia, Poland (she’s pictured
below).  I’ll have a whole entire post
talking about her studio and the competition. 
I have some pictures of the girls that I got permission to post so I’m
just waiting for final confirmations on which ones they prefer to post and an
awesome post will be coming your way!
Also, when I post pictures of my cousin’s studio, the
silhouettes that are painted on the wall were done by my cousin Mateusz who is
also pictured in this post!


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