Transitional Maxi Dress

Transitional Maxi Dress

Cacharel maxi skirt / Green kimono / Rag & bone leather boots,  / Yves Saint Laurent black handbag / Sif Jakobs Jewellery leather wrap bracelet, / By Malene Birger wool hat,  / Black shawl, / Gucci lips makeup

I know we are only in the second week of August and we want
to hold on to summer for a little longer, but it’s almost back to school, which
means it’s almost fall time.  The new
season will be here before we know it! 
For today’s post I wanted to show how to take a maxi dress and
transition it to fall.  I tend to buy a
lot of neutrals or pieces I can wear all year round.  Don’t get me wrong, I love buying bright
colors as well, and have a lot, but they don’t transition as well as neutral
colors.  First of all I love this dress!  I love the color and cut.  In the summer time I would wear it with
gladiators and very little accessories, but for fall I would go for a
completely different look.  I decided to
keep it all in neutral/earth tones because that’s what fall time is all about. 
The green top would definitely be something I’d be wearing
all the time.  The color is perfect and
the cut is also perfect.  A hat is a must
of course, I have a black one Ralph Lauren one and I live in it when the
weather is colder.  I love the dark lip
that everyone usually switches to in the fall, I have one color myself and love
The scarf I would prefer for it to be a blanket scarf but
this one will do too.  I love the colors
and the print.  It just screams colder weather
fashion!  Since this scarf is shorter you
can even get away with wearing a longer necklace underneath.  I don’t know why but I love that.

P.S.  I’m currently on
vacation and will return this weekend! 
Thank you for continuing to read and I hope you return when I’m back!

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