Booties to Lust Over

Booties to Lust over

Ok, how cute are those any shoes, let alone booties by
Jeffrey Campbell?  I’ve loved Jeffrey
Campbell for quite some time now.  The
shoes are just a work of art.  In the
first and second rows, the first shoe from the left are Jeffrey Campbell and
they are so funky!  Now I’m loving
metallic booties for fall because it gives a little extra umph!

Now, this girl right here does not stop her booties at just
black or brown.  I’ll go for the reds and
the nudes as well.  I also wanted to
include a bunch of different booties from peep toe, to flat booties, moccasins,
and winter boots.  I wish I could buy all
of these booties.  They’re all great and
all for different occasions and weather. 
Of course I wouldn’t wear suede or peep toe booties in the snow or rain,
that would just be super uncomfortable and not to mention cold.  For these early fall months they would be
perfect though.

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