Boots to Lust For

Boots to lust for

I can’t help but sing “boots with the furrrrr” in my head
whenever I see fur boots.  It’s just
obligatory haha!  Anyway, today I wanted
to show you some boots to lust for since yesterday I showed you some booties to
lust for.  I love a good tall black boot,
especially if it has fringe or any type of design on it.  I think lace up boots are my weakness.  There is something so edgy and fierce about
them.  It also makes you feel rebellious,
or maybe that’s just me.
When it comes to riding boots I’m not really picky.  I love them in all colors and styles, whether
they are just a boot or if they have accents on them.  That middle boot in the last row was also
seen already here on the blog.  I think I
might have to put those on my wish list. 
They almost look like cowgirl boots, but a more high fashion type.  Plus, I love the detail on them and that they
are have red in them as well.

I need to go boot shopping soon (I still can’t come to terms
with wearing boots) and I think I already have quite the wish list building up!

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