Casual Weekend and a Link Up!


**Please Note, if for some reason when you are redirected to Ewa Bazaar and the item no longer exists please contact the seller and send them a link to this blog post.  They may have another one in their inventory, or they may have something similar.
Bag:  Gucci //  Belt:  Burberry // Dress:  Ralph Lauren // Boots:  Dolce Vita (old, Lord and Taylor)
Everyone, tomorrow is the first day of October.  My oh my has the time flown.  I feel like just yesterday was the first day
of summer.  Are y’all ready for the
colder months up ahead?  Well, at least
for those of you who have the cold seasons, you may be in Australia where it’s
reversed, or on some tropical island where it’s always nice and warm, or you
might even live in the arctic so it’s cold all the time haha.  Ok, anyway, way to get off track! 
Fall has already begun which means lots of colors on the trees, Halloween,
pumpkins, yummy apples, corn mazes, and my all time favorite HAUNTED
HOUSES.  Yes, that deserved all
caps.  Either haunted houses or ghost
hunting, you pick which one you prefer. 
I honestly prefer ghost hunting but I’m also very strange.  I like going to see all of the abandoned
areas that are supposedly haunted.  For
example the Lizzie Borden house is on my to do list along with Eastern State Penitentiary
since I’ve already been to Pennhurst.  I
love doing all of the Weird NJ things too. 
If you don’t know what Weird NJ is, just type it into google and look at
all the great things you can find. 
For today’s look I wanted to show the perfect casual outfit
or the weekend.  What’s great about this
is you can easily put on leggings/tights and mix it with a fur vest or cute
jacket and you’ve got the warmer version of this look.  The dress is so beautiful and can I also add
soft?  I paired it with the Burberry belt
because I like accentuating the natural curves of a woman’s body.  Even if you are a skinny girl once you add a
belt it gives an illusion, and I love it. 
I love over the knee boots.  I
really need to get more because they truly are a great statement shoe.  These in particular I’ve had since last year
and boy have they been through some tough terrain with the crazy winter that we
had last year.  Also, that bag, oh my gosh
I love it.  It literally fits everything
and it’s great for weekending.  So if you
want to take a quick mini weekend vacation you could with this bag.  Now, y’all don’t forget to link up below!


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