Country Nails


I’ve been feeling in the mood for country lately.  It might be because of the concert I went to
and the farm that was discussed last week (here).  Or maybe it’s just because fall is slowly
approaching so it’s time to start wearing my boots again.  I haven’t done a Mani Monday in two weeks
because I wanted to give my nails a break, so for today I decided to do a camo
inspired design with a buck and the Browning emblem.  I bought these nail decals off of eBay a few
weeks ago.  They are great because not
only are they the right size for my long nails, but for one of my shorter nails
that broke off (not pictured above) it also fits on that nail. 
Now I might not be uploading as many Mani Monday’s as I used
to just because it’s really been hard on my nails.  Even thought my maximum strength by Sally
Hansen is my nail’s savior I think I might have to give them a little
break.  Or I might just cut them, I’m not
sure yet.  I just wanted to let all of
you know just in case you check back here on Monday’s and there’s no nail art
here.  Like I said I’m still not sure,
regardless I will have some kind of posts for you on Mondays!

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