Dogs of Poland “Just call me the dog whisperer”

Introducing Lucky the hound dog.

Introducing the newest addition to my family, Blondie.

And this would be Muka.  She is such a goofball.

He decided to steal one of my chocolates that were supposed to go back to America with me.  Then he was guarding it haha!

As most of you know I have a soft spot for the four legged
beings called dogs.  I treat mine like my
children and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
My love for dogs started as a child when I pretty much grew up with our
German Shepherd.  My parents got him not
too long before mommy found out she was pregnant with me and then when I was
born I had a “big brother.”  This furry
big brother of mine followed me everywhere! 
He may have been a German Shepherd but he was the most loving dog
ever.  He treated me like one of his
own.  I remember tugging on him and he
would just sit there, he didn’t bite me or trample over me.  He knew I was a baby, and he knew to be
gentle.  We had him for almost 13 years
until one day he passed away in his sleep on a beautiful spring day outside and
with no suffering.  As a dog owner you
tend to sometimes wonder if you will have to get to that point where your dog
is suffering and you have to make the tough decision.  I personally think you aren’t a true dog
lover if you allow your pet to suffer in pain for your own selfish reasons of
not wanting to put them to sleep, but that’s just my opinion.  Thankfully with all of our pets throughout my
whole existence here on earth we’ve been extremely lucky.
I guess dogs know that I love them unconditionally and that
I’m not afraid.  I was walking past
someone’s house in Poland and there was a German Shepherd as their guard dog of
course I wouldn’t have pet it because you never know but my little cousin got a
little scared and I just looked at it and talked to it very nicely and there
was no barking or any vicious behavior. 
I was taught at a young age how to act around dogs.  Don’t get me wrong there are definitely dogs
out there who are trained to fight and kill, and I would never stand a chance
but that’s something I don’t like to think about.
These are all of the dogs that were in Poland.  I love any kind of dog whether it be small or
big, puppy or adult.  I’ve been told I
have a way with dogs and I’m pretty sure it’s genetic because that’s how my dad
and grandpa are.  I guess you can just
call us the dog whisperers haha.
I also recently made a photobook of Lucky for my grandpa
because he was asking for pictures and why not just make a whole book dedicated
to the doggy?


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  1. We are so alike! I've always loved and had dogs. My mom taught me how to treat animals and how to train dogs throughout my entire life. I even got a puppy for having the chicken pox at age 2 haha. And I completely agree with you on putting dogs to sleep if they are truly suffering and ready to leave this world. I cringe when people say, "I can't bare to lose him. I can't put him to sleep, so I'm going to keep him alive." If people truly cared for animals, they would do what is best for the animal. And when they are suffering and nothing can be done and you look into their eyes, you just know when it is time. So glad that there are other good dog/ animal lovers out there!

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