Green Seed and Newdress


And here are some Instagram snaps if you didn’t see them already.

Sunglasses:  Newdress// Cardigan:  Newdress // Hat:  Ralph Lauren (gifted from my blogger friend Mel) // Leggings:  TK Maxx (Poland, old) // Tank:  Ralph Lauren // Birkenstocks:  Zappos // Bag:  Kate Spade (Macy’s)
If you follow my Instagram (@jerseygirltexanheart) you have
already seen my picture with my awesome milkshake from Green Seed a few weeks
ago.  For those of my fellow Jersey
residents, Green Seed is located in Denville, NJ.  They make a variety of shakes and
smoothies.  I decided to go with the soy
milk, mango, and honey milkshake.  My mom
loves bubble tea so she got the passion fruit cold bubble tea, and my dad got a
soy milk, raspberry (I don’t remember what other fruits), and honey smoothie.  All three of our drinks were DELICIOUS.  I wanted to buy another one because mine was
so tastey.  They make everything on the
spot and there are lots of places to sit down and wait if you don’t like
standing.  We also bought some of the
Asian goodies that were on the wall when you first walk in.  The ramen noodle chips were actually really
delicious.  The inside itself was very
inviting and had a contemporary style. 
Extremely clean and I really loved it there.  No, I was not paid for this review, I’m writing
about it all on my own because of the great experience that I had.  If you’re in NJ or in the Denville area I
recommend that you try Green Seed.  It’s
right next to Denville Dairy on Main Street so it’s easy to find.
Now moving on to my outfit.  I recently bought my first Kate Spade bag.  I normally don’t like small bags, but I don’t know what it was about this particular one.  I was drawn to it!  I received the sunglasses and cardigan from Newdress.  I have been wearing these sunglasses every day;
I’m absolutely in love with them.  I’ve
been slowly incorporating the cardigan into my wardrobe because it’s starting
to get a little colder in the mornings and nights.  I wanted to go for a very different style
than I’m usually used to.  I definitely
had to put on a bright red lip and I’ve been living in my Birks ever since I
got them, as I’m sure y’all have noticed haha. 
I seriously wear them every chance I get.  I also have to be pretty innovative with my
clothing because since I’ve been redoing my whole room some of my clothes are
packed up, or I just can’t find half of my things.  Let me tell you, when you live in a room for
22 years you tend to collect a lot of stuff that you don’t even know you
have.  I have safe places for a lot of my
memorable things like the book I made with my grandpa which was made up of
regular paper, staples, and stick figures drawn by yours truly when I was 7
years old.  The hard stuff in my room is
done (painting, moldings, trims, etc.) not it’s just putting everything back
into my room and organizing it because I want to start over with this new room,
and before it wasn’t very organized. 
As for an update on my room since I know I’ve been talking
about it a lot.  I’ll be uploading
pictures as soon as I’m 100% finished.  I
bought a wall unit from Ikea a few weekends ago that has so much storage and
you can actually customize how you want the storage to look like (it’ll make
more sense when I upload pictures) and I scored it for $199!  I was so excited when I saw the price.  Leave it to Ikea to have amazing prices.  I can’t wait to show the final look of my
room.  I’m loving it and I don’t want to
leave my room ever!  This might also be
because I’m super proud of how it’s turning out.  Now I just need a TV and a few more things
and my room is set.  Then I can start to
finish my balcony which is attached to my room. 
It was an addition onto the house from the previous owner and it was
never finished correctly so we finished it enough to have it look somewhat
presentable, but now that I’m getting more into remodeling (thanks HGTV) I want
to finish it the way I like it so that I have a little spot for myself when I just
need to relax.  Sometimes a little bit of
fresh air can go a long way.  Even in the
fall time it’ll be nice to sit down drink some hot coffee and be snuggled up
with my sweatshirt, sweatpants, and some slippers.  Or even having girl talk with my mom.  Plus, it doesn’t really start getting really cold
until October.    

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  1. Oh how all the milkshakes you described sound yummy, sounds like a fun place to visit. I love your outfit, especially that hat, what a lovely gift to get.
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