I’ll find cool cars anywhere I go


Top:  Ralph Lauren // Shorts:  Ralph Lauren // Flats:  Burberry

We all know I have a soft spot for cars, well actually not
just a soft spot it’s kind of something I love, BUT I find the coolest cars
ever.  For example that BMW up
there.  That is the absolute smallest car
I’ve ever seen.  It’s smaller than a
Smart Car.  Yes, you heard that right,
smaller than a Smart Car!  I think it’s
called an Isetta, at least that’s what my research told me.  I never even knew this car existed until I
went to Poland.  Then there was also an
old Continental sitting in the apartment garage.  The interior was by far my favorite.  Red leather. 
It was beautiful.  The pictures of
these cars don’t do them any justice.
As for my outfit I wore my Ralph Lauren shorts that are so
comfortable and even though they are kind of long and a tad bit too big they
are one of my favorites.  When I first
arrived in Poland I wore these with my green top from last week’s post (here)
but for this one I decided to go with a regular tank.  I kept it simple with my hair too by just
putting it back and in a braid.  Also, my
new favorite thing is covering the hair ties with hair and bobby pins!

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  1. I don't know much about cars but that little yellow BMW is really cute, I can see myself driving it. thanks for linking up with THT today, please can I remind you to follow our links as well. It would help us a great deal. Many thanks.

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