Kewl Shop, Irresistible Me, and a LINK UP!


Dress:  Kewl Shop // Shoes:  Betsey Johnson (Marshalls old) // Extensions:  Irresistible Me

Today I have two reviews for you; Kewl Shop and
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions.  As some
of you know I haven’t really been feeling all that great with the way my body
looks.  I really hate relationship
weight, can I just quickly say that?  I
think I’ve put on 10 lbs since I started dating Joey.  I’ve been trying to be better with it lately
by taking a Pole Dancing class, Zumba class, and doing small workouts at home,
while cutting back on certain foods.  I
still eat junk food, just not as much.  I
think I’ve also been stress eating, so it’s hard for me to find an outfit and
look/feel sexy in it.  Kewl Dress
approached me to review one of their dresses at the perfect time.  Here I am trying to hide all of my problem
areas and wearing lose fitting rather than tight, but here’s the perfect dress
to suck in all of those extra little fluffy parts of my body. 
This bandage dress is seriously amazing.  It’s almost like wearing heavy duty spanx but
on your whole body, without having to figure out how you are going to go to the
bathroom if you are wearing a full body spanx shaper.  This dress would be perfect for a date night,
birthday, or even New Year’s (I know I’m getting ahead of myself).  I really have no complaints about this dress,
it seriously makes me feel like I look sexy again, and it accentuates my curves
in all the right places.  Plus the
construction of this dress is truly one of a kind.  You don’t get to find quality pieces anymore,
but this dress was made with the quality in mind.  I can’t wait to wear this for a date night or
birthday because I will definitely feel like I look good and strut my fierce
Speaking of date nights, before I get into talking about
these amazing extensions, boyfriend and I are thinking about taking a little
mini weekend getaway to PA.  Now I know
what you’re thinking I live right next to PA but here’s my plan.  Drive up to Philly and stay overnight because
I need to try a cheesesteak and I want to take your obligatory pictures by the
dominos and love sign.  Then on our way
back home to Jersey (even though it’s only 2.5 hours away) we want to stop at
either Eastern State Penitentiary or Pennhurst Asylum for some typical
Halloween’esque shenanigans.  Oh and we
are planning to do this in October hopefully. 
Do y’all have any recommendations on hotels in Philly?  I know it’s an extremely small city, but I
want to stay in a nice hotel in the center so that we can have a little
nightlife fun.  Leave your
recommendations in the comments I need some help figuring this out!

Ok, now moving on to the extensions.  I’ve finally found really amazing extensions.  I’m not just saying that because I received
these as a review, I’m saying it because I’m being 100% honest.  I’ve tried all different types of extensions
but I am so happy with these.  You know
how sometimes you buy clip ins and it’s almost not worth it because they are
too thin?  These have an amazing amount
of hair on the track.  I’ve tried Luxy
extensions before because I saw so many girls wearing them but they hurt my
head because even though there was a decent amount of hair, it was also
Irresistible Me hair extensions
somehow found an amazing balance of putting a lot of hair on the track without
sacrificing comfort.   The hair itself is
amazing quality and it’s so soft.  I
ended up dying my hair to match these extensions (I was going to go a shade or
two lighter anyway if you read Friday’s post) but for those of you who know my
struggle with the rest of the henna in my hair, until my next haircut I’ll have
to put my natural hair back because the top half matches the extensions
PERFECTLY.  I still have some more outfit
posts with my other extensions so don’t get confused, but these will definitely
get a lot of use because they are a work of art.  They have all different types of extensions,
some starting at $79 and they even have wigs, which I might think about getting
because sometimes I want to have different color hair for the day.  I have the 24inch Royal Remy in Strawberry/Honey
Blonde.  If you couldn’t tell, I’m in
love with them.  They are so long and
make me feel like a mermaid.  I’ve also
been wanting to review extensions ever since I started blogging because I wear
extensions a lot.  I cut my hair and it’s
been so hard to grow it back out that I figured I would just wear
extensions.  Plus, I have a different
confidence when I have beautiful long hair because my hair is also thin.  I really should make a YouTube tutorial of how
to blend extensions because I’ve become an expert over the years.  The first time I wore extensions was as a
freshman in High School and professional extensions as a senior in High
School.  That’s a REALLY long time ago
haha!  Don’t forget to link up with me
below everyone!

**Please note I was given this dress and extensions to review.  However, all opinions are my own.

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