Weekending Day to Night

Weekending day to night

If you read yesterday’s post about my new dress and how I’m
planning a weekend getaway with boyfriend, this post kind of ties into
that.  Since I was talking about driving
up for the day and then going out at night I thought this was a great idea for
a post of how to take a weekend casual look to a quick casual night look. 
I fell in love with this top immediately.  I was looking up dresses, but came across this
tunic.  I personally wouldn’t wear it as
a casual dress because it’s too short (I have uber long legs) so I would
definitely just pair it with leggings or a pair of pants.  For the day look I chose to stick with a cute
backpack because you can fit everything in there.  Especially if you’re walking around, you want
to be comfortable and have your hands free. 
The high boots are to die for aren’t they?  That detail, the colors, and the fact that
they look like cowgirl boots was the deal breaker for me!  Now, let’s talk about this scarf.  Everyone knows I’m a huge lover of scarves,
whether they are the small silk scarves for work attire, or big blanket scarves
that keep you nice and warm.  Of course I’d
probably wear some kind of sweater or pullover with this look but for now I
think this would be cute.
Moving on to how to quick change this to a night look.  I’d probably change my hair and make my
makeup a little more drastic but I would still keep the tunic with again,
leggings or pants.  Then I would add
these adorable booties, I mean do you see the detail on those babies?!  I would change to this cute bucket purse which
is funny because I’m not a huge bucket bag fan but I fell in love with this
particular one because of the bottom. 
Then add a cute little charm to make it fun and flirty and boom, a quick
night look.  This would be perfect if you’re
just weekending and not doing anything super fancy.
**Please note that this post is sponsored by Shopbop.

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