White after Labor Day Part 2


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Scarf:  Gucci // Sweater:  Burberry Brit // Pants:  Ralph Lauren // Boots:  Dolce Vita (old, Lord and Taylor) // Bag:  Gucci
If you checked out my white after Labor Day post last week
(here) you already know that is was more of a warmer fall weather look than
today’s.  Today I’m wearing boots instead
of my birks and a sweater and scarf.  This
bag is probably one of my favorite ones. 
It’s perfect for a weekending because it’s so big and can hold a
lot.  I personally love big bags for your
regular every day but I know some people would feel awkward wearing a huge bag
like this every day. 
I wanted to incorporate a fall color because well it’s fall
already and why not bring out those colors! 
I decided to go with orange and the best part is this scarf is so
warm.  I’m pretty sure I could wear just
the scarf and sweater and be ok for the day. 
The boots I’ve had since last year. 
They’ve gotten quite the wear and tear because if you live anywhere
where there is snow, if you have salt trucks you already know what I mean by
wear and tear on boots.  I actually
ruined one of my favorite pairs of riding boots last year because the salt ate
away at them.  I’m going to try and
polish them and see if it helps because it’s just so sad and they were a
beautiful cognac color, I’ve actually worn them here on the blog before. 
One thing I will say about the whole white after Labor Day “rule”
is well, it’s kind of dumb and I don’t know who came up with it but I already
don’t like your fashion sense haha!
Are there any fashion faux pas that you can’t stand?   

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