White after Labor Day


Trench:  Burberry (I don’t think this particular one is up so just copy this link and send it to the seller and ask about it!) // Bag:  Burberry // Pants and Tank:  Ralph Lauren // Sandals:  Birkenstock

Ok, so I’ve put in my two cents about fashion faux pas in
the past.  The number one faux pas that I
can’t stand is not wearing white after labor day.  Hello, have you seen how good white looks
with certain outfits?  For today’s post I’m
wearing all light colors, I’ll also have another post next week that shows how
to wear white in the fall.  This would be
more of a transitional outfit because as you can see I’m still wearing my
birks.  I’m not fully ready for boot
season yet, is that bad?  I’ve been
wearing them sparingly these past two weeks. 
I’m just not ok with saying goodbye to summer!
Moving on.
I love love love this trench.  I really honestly love anything made by
Burberry or Ralph Lauren.  I think it’s
the classic style that I like because it’s timeless.  Their pieces are in style forever.  Take this trench for example, men and women
have been wearing trenches like this for how long now?  Yes, there could have been modifications to
the design and additions of colors and different lengths, but it’s a timeless
piece.  It’s something you want to invest
your money in because you know it will be around for a while and the quality is
fantastic.  Ok, and yes I wore it with a
tank top underneath, I’m sorry I’m really truly not ready to let go of summer
yet haha!
I felt like pairing it with my birks to give a nice black
contrast, and the red Burberry bag as well because who doesn’t love a pop of
Now, fashion police, tell me that this adorable outfit is
not allowed to be worn after Labor Day. 
Try me.

Ok, well I’m not really mad about it, but I don’t think it
should be a fashion faux pas.  I feel
like fashion shouldn’t be restricted to certain things like this.  I do agree that some “rules” should apply
because certain things just really don’t go but I feel like if you can rock
that outfit, by all means go ahead.  I’ve
even seen some amazing outfits that are a mix of black and navy, and YES they
actually looked good!

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  1. A Burberry trench has been on my wishlist forever! You are right, it's so classic and well worth the investment because it will be in style and last for years. You look amazing!

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