Who Wore it Better? and a LINK UP!


Do y’all like my look better or my dad’s?  Focus on the tie, that’s what we shared for this post hehe.

My Outfit
Top, Jacket, Pants:  Ralph Lauren // Tie Weybridge 1761 // Boots:  Dolce Vita
Dad’s Outfit
Jacket, Pants, Top:  Burberry // Tie Weybridge 1761

Today I get to introduce my dad to y’all in his first ever
outfit post!  Thanks for being such a good
sport!  I was approached by Weybridge1761 to review a tie.  Now I know that a
lot of fashionistas out there are using masculine pieces for their
wardrobe.  I’ve even shopped in my dad’s
closet for a few outfit posts to show that you can wear masculine items too,
and make them work.  So I thought, a tie,
that’s an accessory, and I LOVE accessories. 
A little bit about Weybridge 1761 is they are commited to
providing men with awesome ties that are not only comfortable but are in style
and good quality.  They are part of Beau
Ties Ltd. Of Vermont which is a company that has been the choice of thousands
of men because they are handcrafted. 
Weybridge 1761 was started because the Beau Ties team listened to their
customers and made great quality ties that live up to the Beau Ties name but
for a price that fit budgets.  I decided
to go with the Shelburne Orange necktie
The print is just classic and fun, but the colors are PERFECT for
fall.  It’s regular price is $25.00 but
the introductory price is $17.61.  This
tie is a necktie and made of woven silk. 
Also, this one is dry clean only.
I came up with this idea of who wore it better.  I took my tie and wore it like a tie but lose
fitting and tied it all funky on the bottom, while my dad wore it like the
classy chap that he is as a normal tie. 
We both went for a casual look. 
My dad wanted to stay away from wearing your typical suit and tie so he
wore a nice blazer with his Burberry pants. 
I decided to go with I guess, a slightly similar outfit with the long
blazer.  I wore casual Ralph Lauren pants
with my high boots and my Ralph Lauren ruffle top.  Can you tell this family likes Burberry and
Ralph Lauren?  Also, want to hear an
awesome fact about my dad?  He kind of
dresses like this on the regular, except for his occasional jeans and a polo,
but most of the time he’s dressed to the nines. 
He dresses himself too.  I know, I
come from a long line of fashionistas, even the men clean up nice.  When I saw my dad I said “wow you look like a
sir” and instantly thought of the meme below.

So, who do you think wore it better?  My dad, or me?
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