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Start of Impressa Campaign

Yesterday was the start of another campaign with Poise Impressa Sizing Kit that I’m a part
of so stay tuned to find out more information on stress urinary incontinence.  This issue effects one in every four
women.  For now (until I get the full
post up) you can click here for some coupons of the Impressa Sizing Kit.

Lantern Fest

Yesterday I posted about Lantern Fest, and there’s a video
up on my YouTube as well.  It was
absolutely beautiful.  I highly recommend
you to go!  Also, I tweaked my YouTube channel a little bit but I definitely will need to upload a channel
introductory video, kind of nervous about that one!  Don’t forget to hit the lovely subscribe button too!
Update on Me
Ok, so since last week’s Friday post, I’m doing a little
better.  I’m still having a lot of back
pain and I can’t stay in one position too long (which makes sleeping at night,
or lack thereof, terrible).  I can move
my neck and I can finally breathe with no pain. 
My car will be fixed and I’m hoping that the both of us make a speedy
recovery.  I’m still nervous while
driving (especially when I have to stop at a red light) but I’m hoping to get over this soon.  It’s really aggravating that the one thing
that was my “me” time and where I would think of a lot of good ideas is now the
one thing that scares me the most. 
Driving makes me so nervous now, and it doesn’t help that my work is at
least 1 hour away.  I thought I would be ok because I love cars, I love driving, and I always felt comfortable behind the wheel.  I was extremely wrong.
It’s October?!
How is it October already? 
It’s mine and boyfriend’s birthday month AND Halloween.  I’m excited about Halloween, but not about my
birthday.  I’m getting closer to 30 and I’m
really nervous about turning 30.  I don’t
really know why, but I feel like by 30 you should have life figured out.  Maybe it’s just because I scroll through
Facebook (personal, not blog) and see all of these people my age or younger who
have life all figured out.  My next goal
is to be able to buy a house, which I’ve seen so many people do lately.  I think I’m also nervous because the holidays
will be right around the corner, and this year I have two families to celebrate
with which seriously makes me stress out just thinking about it. 
Next Few Weeks
Stay tuned for the next few weeks.  This month is extremely busy on the
blog.  From talking about Breast Cancer
Awareness to having a lot of Halloween themes going on!  I’m super excited for everything that will be
on Jersey Girl, Texan Heart this month. 
I hope y’all are too!
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  1. I can't believe it's October already either! Your YT channel looks great. I need to do an intro video too… but not sure yet how that should go. Gah! So hard. Hope you're getting some rest this weekend! So sorry you've been in such pain. Hope you and your car recover soon!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

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