5 for Friday


Joey’s Birthday

I know that I almost never refer to my boyfriend with his
real name here on the blog but tomorrow is Joey’s birthday!  Yes, we celebrate within 12 days of each
other haha.  I’m so excited to give him
his gifts (I can’t say what they are because he reads my blog), they’re super
nerdy because he’s a closet nerd.  He’s
into cars and all of the manly stuff but he has a soft spot for the nerdy
things.  Let’s just put it this way he
can build a car and a computer.  I’m
hoping he has a great birthday because he deserves at least one day to have fun
and relax.  Happy birthday!
Weird NJ Theme
Did you miss any posts from this week?  Check out my Weird NJ theme with all of the
different places that are spooky!
Weird NJ on Twitter

Speaking of Weird NJ, they followed me on twitter and favorited
one of my tweets!  It’s the little things
I swear haha.  I took a screen shot and everything because I’m having a fan girl moment!
Halloween Next Week
This week’s theme was all about Weird NJ, but next week’s
theme is all about Halloween so stay tuned for a lot of fun posts.  I’m super excited about them because
Halloween is one of my favorites!

Tonight I will be stepping back into my high school which I
have not been back to in 10 years and actually promised myself I would never go
back.  Boyfriend’s sister is in a play
and we are going to watch it tonight.  I’m
really excited for her because she finally got a good part (she has a pretty
awesome pair of vocals on her) and it’s her senior year.  Tonight I will walk back in those halls after
over 10 years!
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  1. My hubby and I have the same bday and we love celebrating together! It's fun to have people with bdays near yours to help you celebrate. Hope you both have a great weekend and celebration!

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