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As for numbers 2-5 of this 5 for Friday I honestly don’t
have anything.  It’s been such a crazy
week, and I had some life changing things happen that I don’t want to discuss
but my strength was definitely tested this week.  Every little thing triggered some kind of
emotion.  Whether it be anger, sadness,
or just no emotion whatsoever.  I don’t
like to bring religion into my blog or anything like that because everyone
believes what they want to believe but I know that now I have to trust God/a Higher
Power (for those of you who don’t believe, don’t want to offend anyone) that he
knows what he’s doing and that he knows I’ll find the strength to get through
I can’t even really think of what happened this week because
it’s kind of a blur.  I feel like all of
the days have been jumbled into one that I just can’t remember.  I do remember a few things that happened that
kept me positive.  That first picture was
the cutest surprise at my desk.  It was a
belated birthday present from fellow blogger Dear Sunny and her man friend.  The elephants are handmade from Thailand and
they are the most adorable little lanterns. 
Then one of my other coworkers knew something was up because I wasn’t my
cheery self and she got me a Lion TY Beanie Baby.  I love the lion because it looks like
Simba.  That’s not the name that was on
the tag, but I named him Simba haha.  He’s
pictured below.
I know that my strength is being tested this week to show
myself that I’m still capable of being a strong individual.  I think it’s because I’ve been really down on
myself, and now the tables are turned where I really need to step up.  I will overcome what is going on and I will
keep moving forward.  I am determined. 
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