Bee Doe Bee Doe-Minion Halloween Costume BANANA!


Top:  Ralph Lauren // Skirt:  Zuri Zuri // Boots:  Kensie // Gloves:  Walmart // Tights:  Gifted (from Poland) // Goggles:  Barnes and Noble

If you know me or have been following my blog/instagram you
know that I love minions.  I’ve done
anything from minion nails, to celebrate the movie coming out, to getting
minions for Christmas and my birthday from friends and coworkers.  I’m a pretty easy person to make happy, just
put a minion in front of me.  I’m writing
this while I currently still have two minion balloons half alive from my
birthday and one giant minion staring at me because his spot is on my bed.  I literally can’t even hold him.  My arms don’t go around the whole minion
haha.  I figured why not just dress up as
a minion for one of my Halloween costumes here on the blog?  I could NOT find overalls that were shorts
anywhere.  I even ordered some and they
were way too small.  I’m pretty sure they
were constructed wrong because there is no reason why a large should fit like
an extra small.  I mean I know I gained a
few pounds but not enough for something like that haha.
So I went a different route. 
I took my blue skirt that I got as a review last year and paired it with
yellow tights, yellow top, black boots, black gloves, and suspenders.  Oh let’s not forget these minion
goggles.  I’m sure you can make them
yourself because I’ve seen a bunch of DIY posts for them, but I bought mine at
Barnes and Noble.  I figured I could be
the fashion forward minion, or maybe their cousin who’s working for some
fashion company.  I just really love
minions and can’t help it.  I think the
suspenders are my favorite part of the outfit along with the goggles.  Stay tuned for more fun Halloween posts.  Also did you miss last week’s creepy
theme?  Check out every post below!
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6 thoughts on “Bee Doe Bee Doe-Minion Halloween Costume BANANA!”

  1. This is the cutest costume! My whole family and I love minions. Around my house they are called "boombooms" as they blow eachother up haha! Gotta love toddlers and their made up names for characters.
    Rachel xo
    Thanks for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired me"
    Garay Treasures

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