Day to Night: Date Night Dress

Day to Night Date night Dress

I wanted to talk about a day to night look that would be
perfect for a date night look.  The
reason why is because it’s October.  My
birthday and boyfriend’s birthday falls in the month of October.  Mine is on a Monday so I needed an outfit
that can go from a day look to a night look, given I’m busy during the day and
then want to go for a nice birthday dinner date at night. 
I love a lot of things by BCBG Maxazria but this dress was absolutely
an eye catching piece when I first saw it. 
I decided that a long maxi dress with long sleeves is a bit unique for
any type of occasion.  There isn’t any
snow yet, so given there’s no rain this dress is perfect.  For the day look I went for a platformbootie.  I just love these boots by DerekLam.  Such a statement boot.  I went with more of a neutral tone MichaelKors bag and I just love the shape of this as well.  I don’t have anything in my closet that’s
Tory Burch (yet) but I fell in love with these cute stud earrings.  Perfect for a day look to look classy.
Now, moving on to the night look.  This is probably my favorite because look at
those Alejandro Ingelmo peep toe booties
I love the color and the style. 
It’s perfect for a night look because it’s more dressed up rather than
casual.  The Whiting and Davis clutch is
such a statement piece on it’s own.  It’s
small and has just the right amount of shine to make it pop and stand out.  The Lizzie Fortunato earrings would
definitely be a splurge item for me, but they are super cute.
I know this look isn’t your average day to night (date
night) look, but I thought it could still work, especially because the dress is
just stunning.