How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Your Prom Gown

You have just finished prom dress shopping.  Now for the next phase:  finding the perfect shoes to match your outfit.  Finding the right shoes is always tricky let alone when you are shopping for your homecoming/prom.  Many girls make the mistake of failing to think carefully about their shoe choice and end up regretting it.  We don’t want this to happen to you which is why we are writing this article.
We will disclose some top tips on finding the perfect shoes to complete your prom outfit.  If you are torn between flats or heels this is not uncommon.  There are good reasons for and against both; it’s all about considering what you are looking for.  Another important factor is what you feel most comfortable in.  Many women seem to compromise comfort for the perfect style.  However, you will want to enjoy your prom night and dance away for hours on end if you want to.  Of course you can ditch the heels!  But after spending money and time choosing them, there’s no doubt you want to show them off.
Below are some key steps to consider before purchasing your prom shoes.  So before you hit the shops or go on a search to hunt for the world’s largest fashion store, think about:
  1. Your dress.  First things first, think about the style and design of your dress.  This will be one of the main factors into swaying your choice of shoes.  If you have chosen a glamorous prom gown with lots of detail or flashy fabric, it’s good to keep the shoes basic.  You don’t want the outfit to be too much, so elegant yet plain shoes will suit nicely.  On the other hand, if your dress is fairly simple, a beautiful pair of eye-catching or unique shoes can make a real statement.  They can complete your look and help you achieve the look you want.
  2. How long your dress is.  The length of your dress should impact your shoe choice.  When looking for homecoming dresses or prom dresses, it’s good to know whether you want floor length or a shorter style.  The length will dictate whether to go for flats, stilettos, sandals, or high heels.  Flat shoes can work well with long dresses as heels can distort the length and make your dress look odd.  Shorter dresses look effective with high heels and uneven lengths tend to suit elegant sandals.
  3. Consider the color.  The color of your prom dress will either compliment or clash with your shoes.  Thinking carefully and trying out different shades with your dress is important to finding a match.  If you have chosen a bright eye-catching dress you want a neutral shoe color.  if your dress is embellished or quite detailed, choose a color to match the embellishment.

Knowing which style of heel goes with which dress style is really helpful.  Below we list some dress styles and which shoe compliments them.

  • Maxi style dresses:  peep toe heels work well with maxis.  Because there is plenty of material and your legs are covered, peep toes help your legs look longer.
  • Minis:  Mini prom dresses are becoming more and more popular.  If you want to keep it funky yet elegant, closed heels will do the trick.
  • Midi style:  Midi dresses can give the illusion of a shorter body.  Because of this, sticking with heels to lengthen the legs is a great idea.  Stilettos also work well with a midi dress.
  • Prom dresses with splits in:  You will normally see this on maxi gowns.  Wearing high heels works well with this style and keeps you looking classy.

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