How to Tell Pure and Sterling Silver Apart


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and pure silver commonly get mixed up. 
It is important to realize however, that they are not the same.  If you are choosing between a purse silver
piece of jewelry and a sterling silver piece, knowing the differences can
help you make the right decision.
of all, we must differentiate between the two. 
What constitutes sterling silver? 
This type of silver is only an allow of silver as it is made up of 92.5%
silver and the rest is made up of different metals whereas pure silver is made
from a higher percentage of 99.9%. 
Therefore due to the content of silver being much higher, this is where
it gets the name pure.
you can see that even though the terms are commonly used interchangeably, they
do not have the same meaning.  When you
want to find a wide range of silver jewellery online, it is important to look
at the type of silver.  This will help
you make the most out of your purchase and ensure you get exactly what you
between pure and sterling.
it is often hard to differentiate between the two, this section of the article
will look at the main differences.
  • Pure
    silver is normally harder because of its higher percentage of real silver.  ON the other hand, sterling is softer.  Due to its hardness, it becomes extremely
    difficult to mould.  Pure silver’s lack
    of malleability makes it very hard to create jewelry from.
  • It
    is easier for sterling silver items to become tarnished and dull more so than pure.  Because of the additional metals, the jewelry piece may be easier to tarnish however it is fairly easy to polish.  This means you can still get it back to its original glow with little effort.  Simply using a cloth can gently clean the surface of your silver jewelry and before you know it your silver pieces look new again!
  • By contrast, pure silver will not tarnish or dull.  It is also less likely that smudges or scratches will show on the surface.  If you want to discover how easy the silver tarnishes, you just have to rub your finger across the item.
  • Jewelry made from sterling silver is often not as soft as pure silver however it is more durable.  This means it will last longer and rarely lose its structure.
  • You may discover some pure silver designs being used with glass to make beads which can be an interesting feature to any jewelry piece.
  • It is important to remember there are different marks for identifying both types of silver.  Even though the standards vary from country to country, you will generally find that fine silver is stamped with 999.  On the other hand, sterling silver is normally marked with 925.  This reflects the amount of silver each item of jewelry contains.

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