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As you know, this week is Breast Cancer Awareness week on my
blog, so this week everything is pink! 
Check out yesterday’s post because I did a little research about breast
cancer and posted it.  Now, I wanted to
put together a little collage on all different types of apparel, shoes, and
accessories that are pink.  Just because
we are grown women does not mean that we can’t spark the inner Barbie in us and
wear pink.
How cute are all of the fur vests and fur jackets on
Shopbop?!  I love the pink ones and I’m
not sure which I like better, the pink vest or the pink jacket.  I found some casual pink tops that you can
dress up as well.  The first pink sweater
has a little neck action going on, but the other two tops can definitely be
worn casually or for a night out.  How
cute is the flapper fringe dress by Haute Hippie?  That
would be perfect for any occasion because it’s such a classy piece.  Isn’t that pink skirt so fun too?  I love that it’s hot pink and so
obnoxious.  I wouldn’t wear it for
everyday, but I’m sure I could find an excuse to wear it at least once.
We all know that I love to accessories so I found a pinkscarf, and some pink accessories.  Of
course I had to throw in those pink shoes too. 
The yoga mat will definitely be something I will be using once I’m
feeling better after my accident because I don’t want to push it until I know
for sure I’m ok.
This is the last and final post for my Breast Cancer
Awareness theme on the blog.  Don’t forget
to check out the rest of this week’s posts!
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