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Blazer:  Ralph Lauren // Tank:  Ralph Lauren // Pants:  Burberry // Sandals:  Birkenstocks // Clutch:  Guess
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I know it’s October and fall, but this picture was taken
when there were still some flowers left and I wanted to hold on to it until October
since it’s pink and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I have another pink blazer that has made it’s
debut here on the blog along time ago, but this one is so cute.  I love the fabric and the fact that it’s
Ralph Lauren.  When I did wear it I
paired it with my Birks because I’ve been living in them.  I know it’s cold, but I just love these
shoes.  I’ll have to tuck them away into
storage until it’s summer time again.  I’ll
hate to see them go.
I love the trend of wearing Birks with almost
everything.  Wearing a dressed up look
with these sandals, plus the comfort behind the whole look is amazing!  I love a trend that doesn’t sacrifice
comfort.  I actually wore Birkenstocks
before they were a trend, and would get made fun of for wearing them haha.  I didn’t mind because they helped my feet
feel so much better.  It also helped
because I worked in retail and I have a bad knee.  I also developed back pains from working (I’m
assuming this is from standing on your feet for 8+ hours) so once I saw a pair
I bought them and thankfully was allowed to wear them to work, so every day
that I knew wouldn’t be just a quick 5-6 hour shift, I would wear my
Birkenstocks.  Then once it got colder
out I just stuck it out. 
So, I’m sorry beautiful and comfy birks, I will have to put
you in the summer shoe bin for now.  I’ll
see ya next year!

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