Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial a YouTube Video, and a LINKUP!

This year I decided to have a Halloween theme here on the
blog and since last year I’ve been dying to test out my makeup skills with a
sugar skull.  After some frustration with
the white face paint and finally finding a way that worked I made a tutorial for
y’all on my YouTube channel.  I’ve added
the video below but if you like what you see hop on over to my channel and
click the little subscribe button.  I
finally worked up the guts to try out this Sugar Skull tutorial and I watched a
few tutorials before even attempting mine and I found out what works and doesn’t.  I should really call this the sugar skull
tutorial on a budget because everything seen here (minus the brushes) was
bought at Walmart and didn’t cost that much. 
The brushes I bought on Amazon (here) because I needed brushes that I
could use for experiments rather than using my daily brushes because those are a
little on the pricey side.  I’ve also
added a step by step instruction along with the video, but in case you like to
read as you go instead of watching videos never fear!
Let me know if y’all like tutorials like this or if you want
to see more videos like this.  I haven’t
really had that much feedback so I’d definitely love to hear all of your
Also, just fyi, this post is FILLED with pictures.

All of the items above were bought at Walmart.  The face paint was found in the Halloween section, and the adhesive jewels were found in the scrapbook section.  The lipstick is Brazen Berry and the best eyeliner for this tutorial is Cover Girl Perfect Blend.  I know some makeup experts bought an actual face paint but I wanted to test out how it would be with the walmart version and as long as you have a makeup sponge, you will do just fine you just have to dab it on rather than blend it like regular liquid foundation.

This is where you take the makeup sponge and spread the white face paint on your face.

Use a contouring brush and contour your cheeks, forehead and chin as you would normally contour.  Once you are finished draw two circles around your eyes.

Now you will use your face paint and eye shadow interchangeably.  You will start with the face paint and follow up with eye shadow.

I didn’t have red eye shadow and I was originally going to use red glitter (if you look in the first picture with the products) but then I decided I liked the really vibrant red and tried to blend it in with the other colors.

Now you move on to the outline and the nose.  You start by using eyeliner and fill in with black face paint to really make it pop.

This is when you add eyelashes.  Since I was doing this tutorial I didn’t actually add them in because I washed my face about two hours after I did this.  I had to keep it on for long enough to enjoy my proud moment of finally doing a sugar skull makeup tutorial.

Then you make the spider web on your forehead!

This is what my rose looked like before I colored it in.

Once you color in your rose outline it with black again.

Use your Brazen Berry lipstick and use your black face paint as lip liner and add the “stitched” look and then you can add your finishing touches of the “swirly lines” as I call them haha.

Now, take the adhesive rhinestones (found in the scrapbooking section of Walmart) and place them where ever you’d like.  I’ve seen some tutorials where the whole face is rhinestones which is cool but I don’t have the time for that haha.

Now you’re finished!  Top off with an awesome floral headband (this one made it’s appearance on this blog back when I was a pretend blogger in 2010).  This particular one I made myself but you can find a lot of tutorials online or you can find these in stores.
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