Weird NJ: Shades of Death Road, Clinton Road, and a Link Up!


Hat:  Stetson // Poncho:  Ralph Lauren (more ponchos here) // Pants:  Kenar (Marshalls) // Booties:  Enzo Angelino

If you read yesterday’s post you already know about one of
the creepy places here in NJ which was Greystone.  Well, we also have certain roads that are
said to be haunted and such.  There are
two roads in particular that creep me out, only one made the cut for pictures
because I didn’t have enough time to go on the other road.  The pictures here are Shades of Death road
and the other road is Clinton Road.  I’ll
start off with the history behind Shades of Death Road and then I’ll move on to
the history behind Clinton Road.

Shades of Death Road
There are so many different stories that I’ve heard over the
years, I mean A LOT of different stories. 
I can’t really tell you which ones are real and which ones aren’t because
even when I try and research I can’t find anything concrete.  I’ve been up and down Shades so many
times.  It’s located in I believe it’s
Allamuchy, NJ.  It’s either Allamuchy or
Green Township.  I’ll tell you the
different stories that I’ve heard (emphasis on heard because I really couldn’t
find any concrete research to back it up)and then tell you what experiences I’ve
First story was that the road used to be called Shades Road
because of the actual shade that comes from all of the trees that hover over
the road.  It ended up being called
Shades of Death Road because of some outbreak that caused people to become
ill.  People went into quarantine and
when some died they were left on the road for the doctor’s to pick up.  The second story is that you are supposed to
see Native American spirits float over the lake that’s called Ghost Lake.  The lake got it’s name from the fog that sits
over the lake.  There’s stories that two
little boys were killed while playing in the street.  People were supposedly hung and Polaroid pictures
were found on the road of a girl.  These
are all stories but I’m not sure which ones are real anymore.  So what are you supposed to do on this
road?  You are supposed to drive on it
and visit the lake (if you dare muhahaha) then you are to park under the
overpass (Route 80 crosses over Shades of Death Road) in front of the
sign.  This should be at midnight I believe.  You are to then shut your car off,
honk three times, and flash your lights a few times.  I don’t really know what you are supposed to
see but I will tell you what happened to me. 
Again, these are just stories and I’m not sure, my friends could have
also played tricks on me but here goes.
The first time I ever went when I was in high school, I
remember I was having a not so good day and a few of us went.  Of course they told me the ghost stories as
if we were sitting around a campfire the whole way there.  When we finally got there we parked under the
bridge.  We let the windows fog up
because they had told me you’re supposed to see child hand prints and foot
prints on the car.  So we waited and
there they were.  The foot prints on the
back windshield.  It was extremely scary
and at that point I didn’t want to be there anymore, even if it was a sick joke
I didn’t feel comfortable.  So we drove
to Ghost Lake which is not far from the overpass.  Of course my friends went out but I stayed in
the car.  They took the keys and just left
the door open in case I wanted to get out. 
No one knew about my interaction as a child because at that point in
time you were pretty much crazy if you believed in ghosts or anything like
that.  I stayed in that car freaking out
because it didn’t feel the same as when I was at home with “ghost girl.”  I was actually scared this time.  While I’m collecting my thoughts and begging
my friends to come back in the car BOOM, the car that has been turned off for a
few minutes has it’s radio start blasting old 50’s music then switches to some
Native American music.  When I looked at
the radio it said 666/Death.  I freaked
out and tried turning off the radio but it was not turning off.  My friends even tried.  They hopped in the car and started driving
off the road.  They swore that they didn’t
program the radio to do that but if they didn’t that makes me even more
scared.  There were lots of other times
that I went but there’s wayyyyy too many stories to tell in one post.
Now let’s move on to Clinton Road.
Clinton Road
This is also another road in West Milford, NJ that is said
to be haunted.  Why?  According to the stories I’ve heard well,
apparently there’s spirits back there, the KKK had meetings here, and back in
the day the mafia would dump the bodies of their victims back there.  There was a boy who died who is supposed to
throw the coins that you throw over the bridge back at your car.  There’s supposed to be a larger count of
bridges while you start driving on the road than when you start driving
back.  There was also a female who was driving
her Camaro and crashed into one of the bridges on this road.
So, what have I experienced?
Well I’ve been on this room a few times.  I think the bridge number is just because
after a while your excitement and fear gets the best of you.  You tend to forget what number you were
on.  I never sensed a boy spirit but I
did sense a female spirit.  Now you may
or may not believe me but I didn’t know about the girl who crashed her car
until after an experience that I had with what felt like a female.  My friends have taken pictures which capture
orbs and other figures but I’m sure these can be debunked by the
professionals.  I just overall get a
creepy vibe on that road.  I honestly don’t
want to talk about what I have experienced because it was the first time
anything has physically happened to me. 
Plus, I’m pretty sure no one would believe me so I’ll leave it at, you
should just go see for yourself.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, it’s a TBT to the
Paulinskill Viaducts which is part of weird NJ but I think it’s just pretty not
really scary.  Don’t forget to link up below!


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  1. Girlllll you got me scared over here!!! I dunno if you're friends were just messing with you or not, but I would have freaked out when the radio started doing its own thing, ahhhh!!

    Pumps & Push-Ups

  2. SUCH an interesting/unique post! and I love the outfit!! The blanket scarf is so pretty and cozy looking. Also, random, I am in LOVE with the shade of your hair! It's the perfect ashy blonde!

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  3. That is funny and kind of weird that you guys have so many creepy and scary roads, streets and places in NJ. I would have never known. Thanks for sharing the stories and the myths. In love with that Ralph Lauren Poncho and cute hat. The way you styled it is cowgirl-chic!

    P.S. I would love to co-host the link-up with you. Let me know. Thanks, Ada. =)

  4. OK, LOVE the ghost stories, I am a huge fan of ghost stories and have gotten myself into quite a state on more than one occasion reading stuff on the internet before bed. You look really cute in a cowboy hat. Thanks for the linkup invite! The blog looks great!

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