Weird NJ: TBT Paulinskill Viaducts


This Viaduct are past Blairstown and Hope Township in
NJ.  I wouldn’t really say there are any
stories except for one but I think they are part of Weird NJ just because of
how beautiful it really is.  The Paulinskill
Viaduct was completed in 1910 and at the time was the largest reinforced concrete
structure in the world.  There was a
railroad that operated on the viaduct however in 1982 the track was
abandoned.  They removed the tracks in
1984.  From what I’ve read apparently NJ
Transit is working to restore at least a commuter train along this for about 7
miles but it is currently under construction and will possibly open in 2018.
The only ghost story that I’ve ever heard of was while they
were building it a man fell into the concrete and died inside of this viaduct.  I never found any reports of this so I don’t
know how true it is but it may be, it just wasn’t documented.  If you want to read my original post about
the viaduct you can click here.  The outfits were also featured here on the blog before.  
I’ve never experienced anything here.  I just thought it was pretty and the graffiti
inside the actual viaduct is pretty cool. 
You can walk inside the viaduct just have to find the right way in and
make sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty!
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