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If you follow me on instagram you already know that I kind
of posted some Halloween overload pictures last weekend.  I decided to be a sugar skull for Halloween
because it was just easier.  Boyfriend
didn’t have time for a costume nor did he really feel up to it (he’s been
really sick) so he just took one of his hoodies that zips up into a skull
haha.  I thought it was perfectly
fine.  We didn’t do anything crazy, just
handed out candy to the handful of trick or treaters.  What happened to trick or treating?  I feel like when I was younger the streets
were filled and now there’s almost no one. 
I’m assuming it has something to do with trunk or treat and I’m sure
parents are a little more cautious nowadays with the candy their children get
because of all the crazies out there. 
Regardless I was satisfied with Halloween, I was pretty proud of the
sugar skull I did, it was wayyyy better than the one in my tutorial.

Ok, so one of my blogger friends over at Flower City
Fashionista contacted me asking if I would review some shampoo.  It’s a shampoo and conditioning brand called
Monat.  The product is botanically based,
cruelty free, and made in America.  They
are the only naturally based anti aging product on the market that is
clinically proven to regrow hair.  It
increases manageability and shine.  This
product also helps maintain pigment, which means no premature gray hair!  Can I get a heck yea on this one?!  My lovely blogger friend said that she
recommends people to go VIP which is $19.99 for a year, free shipping, 15% discount
and get product free when you refer 3 friends. 
She’s also currently building a team so if you want to become a shampoo
tiger contact me and I’ll send her all of your information!  Now what did I actually think of the
product?  The product itself really
cleaned my hair.  I felt like it really
stripped all of the bad grossness that was on my hair.  Whether it be product, or even whatever bad
things are in the air.  My hair felt so
fresh and alive.  Once I started styling
my hair it had so much extra volume which is something I look for along with
keeping my color fresh since I’ve been coloring my hair for the past year.  All in all it’s a great product and I
definitely recommend trying it out!
Lokai Bracelet
I’ve been seeing these Lokai bracelets and never knew what
they meant until I actually looked up the website and saw a little picture on
Facebook.  I’ve been having a rough
couple of months as you probably know from my posts this week and I decided to
get one for me and one for boyfriend because we are really corny and like
having “best friend” type of things haha. 
We already have a Chinese 5 element bracelet that one of our friends
made for both of us.  Yes, we are biffles
haha!  Anyway, I got myself the breast
cancer awareness one and I got boyfriend the regular one.  The meaning behind this bracelet is what
really sucked me in and I had to get one! 
Ok, so there’s a white and black bead, which are across from each other
and around them are clear (or in my case for my breast cancer awareness,
pink).  The white bead has water from Mt.
Everest inside of it since that is the highest point in the world that we can
get to.  This is used to symbolize the
highest point in your life, and to remind you to stay humble.  The black bead has mud from the Dead Sea
inside because this is the lowest point in the world that we can get to.  This is to symbolize the lowest point in your
life and to stay hopeful.  The beads in
between are clear because everyone has their own story and it is to remind you
to stay balanced in life.  I love the
message behind these bracelets so I had to get one. 
Walking Dead
For those of you who don’t want any spoilers from this past
episode just skip to the next paragraph. 
I honestly am mad at the Walking Dead. 
How can they end the one episode with Glen looking like he’s getting
ripped to shreds and then this episode they jump to how Morgan became the man
he is today?!  I need to know if Glen is
actually dead!  I was extremely upset
with that scene.  Anyway, this past episode
with Morgan’s rebirth so to speak I really got upset at the part where the
walker was eating Tabitha.  I was not
very happy about that.  Of course I wasn’t
happy about Eastman, but I feel like Morgan needed something extreme to happen
in his life in order for him to change. 
I’m excited for this week’s episode but I have a feeling we aren’t going
to find out about Glen until after the mid season finale.  I’m going to be extremely mad if that’s the
case.  If Walking Dead did kill Glen, you
did a terrible job because he was supposed to have an awesome death in the
comic and shame on you if you made it this terrible.
Epilepsy Awareness

Last year I did a whole series about Epilepsy Awareness,
because November is Epilepsy Awareness month. 
I wrote about my own experiences and next week I will have a purple
theme on the blog!  Stay tuned everyone.
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