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Today’s post is going to be a little different than my
normal posts.  I know I’ve talked about body image here before but I
really wanted to get into this conversation.  I’m going to add a few pictures throughout this post.  These pictures are the ones that made me cringe and some made me get upset to the point of tears.  I know to most you won’t be able to see what I see, but I wanted to share my feelings so that if there’s anyone out there who can relate they can maybe feel like they aren’t alone.  At one point in my life I was 113lbs at
5’9 I was a work out and diet maniac.  This was also when I was younger so
my metabolism was way better than it is now and I was athletic so I don’t think
I ever went a season without doing some kind of sport.  Well, I’m
currently 5’9 and 170lbs.  Sometimes I edit out the extra bulge from a
terrible angle or just something that I “should not” wear on my body.  I put that in quotes because certain sizes aren’t supposed to wear crop tops, well I say no to that have you seen the blogger Girl with Curves and her crop tops?!  She is workin’ it and she is fierce.  I’ve been reading more body positive articles, and following more body
positive women on Instagram.  I’m not saying I’m fat, I’m just saying that
I’m sure just like a good portion of women reading this (no matter what size
you are), find flaws.  For example for me, my arms are too big, I have cellulite in my legs,
my stomach has a little extra lovin’ than it did previously, I hate my hair,
and etc.  I can actually keep going, and get to the nitty gritty of what I
don’t like about myself.  But while I say those things, I get really sad
that these types of things define how I see myself on the outside and some days
it does affect what’s on the inside.  Why is it that I see more bad than
good?  I’m a very confident person in general, so being so self conscious
of my body image is kind of contradicting. 

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ve
probably seen my weight fluctuate.  That’s how I’ve been for most of my
teen-adult life.  My weight is always fluctuating.  Last year for
example I dropped a lot of weight and this year I gained back half of that. 
Do I hate myself for it?  Um, some days I actually cry about it but then
there are other days when I’m stuffing myself with delicious homemade pierogi
made by my mom and I could really care less haha.  The boyfriend knows about
my not so positive body image and even though he tries to encourage me and say
that my body is perfect, there’s always a little voice in my head saying “you
can look better.”  I wanted to start a little movement here on my blog
because I feel like I forgot why I started this blog.  Lately I’ve been
down on myself about a lot of things.  I think I’ve actually been down in
the dumps with where I’m at currently with my blog that I forgot what the real
point of this little piece of cyber world was made for.  I’ve been more
stressed because I need to make sure I have outfit pictures ready for all of my
readers, and if I have reviews I get nervous that I won’t finish all of them at
once or on time.  

However, my little blog was made to INSPIRE people and
HELP people.  It’s not just about the clothes and my style or my life,
it’s about inspiring people to be the best they can possibly be, and to believe
in themselves again.  With that being said I want to start talking about
being body positive.  I might even post a few pictures before I’ve
actually edited them and smoothed out certain problem areas because of the bad
angles.  That might seriously happen, so stay tuned.

I’m not fat.  I don’t even think I’m plus
size.  The fashion industry would consider me plus size if I was to become
a model.  That’s why I never did it, yes I have the height, but I do not
want to be a role model to other girls out there and be considered plus size
when I’m really not.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being
plus size because those women are beautiful, but in a world where society
nowadays has an evil twin (social media) when people think plus size, some
of them also automatically associate the word fat with that.  I don’t
agree with that word at all.  There are some plus size models who to me
are actually the average size of women in America.  I understand why they
have the really thin girls walk the runway, because it’s easier to dress them
up in layers and even a garment that looks bad and they will make it work
because they are thin.  It’s all a marketing trick to imagine yourself
wearing the same thing and purchasing it.  I work in marketing and studied
marketing and fashion merchandising in college, so as much as these companies
will tell you that’s not the case, let’s be real here people.  I may not
have supporting documents to back up this statement, but I know a lot of people
that would agree with me.  Going back to my previous statement about plus
size women, I also, would never want to take the lime light away from women who
are actually plus size, because they are sending a body positive image for all
of the girls out there who may be struggling with an eating disorder, or may be
struggling with their self worth because of a magazine article they read saying
that only skinny girls can wear crop tops. 
If I was to say I was plus size, for those girls who have a body image
issue may starve themselves because they want to be considered “average.”
I don’t want this journey of becoming body positive to
mean that I can eat whatever I want.  Just because you’re ok with your
weight, does not mean that you can just stop taking care of your body. 
Your body is your temple.  I’m actually going to start eating healthier again so that I don’t feel as sluggish.  At the same time of being ok with my current
weight, I do need to take care of myself so that I’m healthy.  I do enjoy
eating lots of healthy food whether it be fruits, vegetables, or any bread that
is wheat!  I also have an obsession with tofu, especially if it’s in
soup.  I know that sounds gross but I love it.  Of course if I’m
having a really bad day I’m not going to feel bad if I eat a bag of chips or
some ice cream, or even both topped off with taco bell haha.  I do want to
make sure I start getting more active.  I
currently am not as active as I was a few months ago due to my car accident
back in September but once my back is better I’m going to find a routine workout
for me to do at least every other day to keep myself moving.  I feel like I want this to also be inspiring
to those women who are naturally really thin and wish to have more
curves.  I know a few really thin girls who actually tell me things like
that.  They wish they had a bigger bottom, or chest, or even bigger hips
which is something that I would love to give away haha!  No but seriously,
when I was really hard on myself regarding diet and exercise, yes I was happy I
was losing weight, but I still wasn’t fully happen with the results. 
Being body positive has to start from within.  You have to love your
spirit and love yourself before you can love the exterior and all of your
imperfections.  I don’t know how long this is going to go on for, I mean I
may only write this one post and be done with it, but maybe I can write about
my journey to becoming body positive. 

I’m going to try and post more about body positivity
every Thursday (except on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve).  I don’t care
what size you are, whether you’re heavy, plus, average, thin, super thin, or
athletic.  These body positivity posts will not single out any one group
of bodies.  It is for anyone who struggles with their exterior to the
point where it can disrupt their interior.  I don’t care what size or
shape you are, you are welcome to be part of this movement.  Even if you have inspiring words or for those
of you who workout and want to give some pointers on how you live your healthy
lifestyle (because I’m sure it helps you feel positive), or the thin girls who
want to speak up and say that having curves does not define a real woman (I
know a lot of women who were upset when the real women have curves comment was
made), or for those of you who have curves or are plus size want to talk about
your struggles and how you overcame not fitting into society’s norm, ALL OF YOU
ARE WELCOME.  This is not just for one
group of people.  I mean I’m even willing
to hear from any men if any of you read my blog!  If I can help at least one person feel better
about what they see in the mirror, then my job here with this movement would be
done.  If you want to be a part of this movement and don’t have a blog just use the hashtag #JGTHBodyPositivity I would love to connect with all of you!


4 thoughts on “Body Positivity #JGTHBodyPositivity”

  1. I am 100% with you. My weight has always fluctuated and still does. But no matter what size I am, I always have days where I feel like I look horrible and could look better and then I have days where I think I look amazing and love my body. I am really looking forward to more of your body positivity posts!

  2. OMG I love this and I love you so so so much. I am so proud of you! i was gonna text u all this just now but you're probably driving to work, haha. Anyways – I love all the pictures you poste. And when you posted them I tried to find the thing you may not like about each. And what's funny, and i mean this so much, i swear on nikki's grave – I loved those parts of the picture! Because it reminds me that you're real. I love when i see a wrinkle on a blogger's face, a roll , cellulite, etc. That may be weird but i really do love it. I follow a lot of bloggers that i see those things on. Because it reminds me OMG this is how we are all supposed to look. like humans. Some of them are skinny and it's just in their genetics and that's fine but i also follow these bloggers bc it proves to me everyday that ppl still like me, because i still like those bloggers. I dont think any less of them.

    Anyways – I love you. and we also weight the same, although i'm 5'5 so my stomach weight IS Super outta countrol right now like legit no wonder ppl think i'm preggo. But when you said how much you weight i almost shat myself lol bc i was like OMG we are the same! I love my body. because it's part of me. And people like me because i'm me. I like my friends because they are whot hey are and they make me laugh, or make me feel better, regardless of how their body looks. So i try to remind myself lately when i criticize myself, what do other people think of me? What do i think about other people….. i'm really not a big critic to other girls, so whats to say that other girls are even critics to me when they see my photos.
    You are gorgeoussssss WOVEEEEE YEWWWWW

  3. This is so honest and we all feel this way and you definitely should not focus on what makes you feel bad. I have followed your blog for at least a year and have always seen you as an intelligent, beautiful and fashionable person. Sometimes pics make us look better and sometimes they make us look worse than reality. I have seen this with models as well.


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