Hat:  Gucci // Jacket:  Burberry // Bag:   Gucci // Pants:  Burberry // Rain Boots:  Burberry

Last week rain boots came in really handy!  Is it bad that sometimes I wear rain boots
instead of wearing regular fall boots?  I
mean they’re still boots right?  You
never know when the weather might change too. 
At least that’s my defense.  Where
I live it gets pretty muddy when it rains so rain boots are a must in my
closet.  The weather here in Jersey has
also been a little strange.  It’s almost
like mother nature is confused.  One day
it’s raining, the next day it can drop to 30 something degrees at night, and
then the next day it’s almost in the 70’s. 
With that being said, it gets really hard to dress yourself because you
don’t know what to prepare for.  That’s
why I wear layers, and thin ones.  I’ll
almost always have a jacket with me, even if it’s just in case because when it
gets cold at night, you will regret not having a jacket.

Can we also just talk about the accessories in this
post?  The bag and the hat, HOW CUTE ARE
THEY?!  The bag is Gucci and it has the
cutest bamboo handle.  The tassels are also
super cute and the size is perfect for if you are looking to minimize what you
keep in your bag.  I tend to have big
bags and throw everything in them, so every once in a while it’s nice to switch
to a smaller bag to see what the simpler purse life is like.  The hat is also Gucci.  I love it because it’s a fedora and not the
typical hats I wear here on the blog.  I
used to only wear fedora’s but I’ve broadened my horizons a bit with my
wardrobe.  I kind of feel like sometimes
you need to change up your style a bit and do something out of the norm.  
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