#DrivingDirty with Volvo and a Linkup


Ok, so if you are into Volvo’s like me and follow them on
Instagram you already know about the movement that they have going on.  Enter the hashtag for the promotion;
#DrivingDirty.  Since California is currently
in a drought this movement is focused on water conservation.  Volvo wants to have cars “driving dirty” for
the whole month of November to save water. 
So what does this mean exactly? 
It means you don’t wash your car for the rest of the month!  Environmental sustainability is important to
the Volvo Car brand.  Hopefully whether
you own/drive a Volvo or any other car you will join this movement in order to
help make a change. 
What you need to do is obviously stop washing your car.  Then write the hasthag #DRIVINGDIRTY on
it.  Then post the picture on social
media and spread the word!  You can’t
tell in the above pictures but my car has not been washed since Halloween.  Sooner or later she will be pretty dirty and
once that happens I will be able to join in on the fun on social media. 

Now, don’t forget to link up below!  Remember I hold this link up every Wednesday
and it goes live at 4am.


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